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Cat abandoned at pet shop because owner said it grew too big — 9 Comments

  1. Great news and your shelter sounds like one in a million.

    Maybe this idea should be advertised in every shelter and veterinary facility ; even posted at cat and dog shows and pledges created via the internet? Thank you Sandra, for all that you contribute to the welfare of animals. We are their stewards and more of us need to take responsibility for their care;as you have.
    Eva say’s

  2. This is sad but happens all too often, when the cute little babies grow up and become who they were intended to be_ Adults. Easter is another unhappy time for adopted colored chicks and baby rabbits.
    I think schools should have studies on pet ownership.
    Eva say’s_

    • I agree that schools could have pet education programs, but so many programs are cut back due to lack of funds.

      One thing that our local shelter does is provide a summer program for youngsters at the shelter, to learn about cats, dogs, and bunnies, and to volunteer to help with cat cuddling, dog walking, feeding, and cleaning cages. I believe it’s a 6 week program. It educates the kids, and helps the shelter.

      I wish this could be implemented in different shelters.

      Our shelter has over 100 volunteers, which include adults and teens. The volunteer program is very organized. I don’t know how other places operate, but I was impressed when I volunteered there.

  3. I don’t believe you want to know what I think about this! Stupid old hag!! NO animal stays young forever and YES..they grow. You have to be the world’s most moronic person to think otherwise. She’s lucky I wasn’t there when she brought this poor cat in … I think I would have smacked her upside the head when she laughed about the person having trouble cutting the ties off on its legs. ** She could have cause the cat to lose its legs doing that**.
    A robo cat would be could for useless, stupid owners. Maybe the robot pet would kill the more moronic ones. Mind you…they’d deserve it!!!!

    • 🙂 Made me smile. It does shock but there are a lot of people who don’t think! Or can’t think. There are a lot like that. I’d have been like you when she laughed. It would have taken all my self-control to stop myself smacking her (and losing my job!).

  4. I like your comment about getting a robo-cat. This woman is a prime example of those who should only be allowed to own electronic pets and NEVER live pets!

  5. Thank goodness this cat is now in a place of safety.

    I can understand people asking how large a puppy might grow as dogs can vary greatly in size, but adult cats are fairly standard in size.

    I believe that the pet shop didn’t create too much fuss at the time for fear that the woman would then refuse to hand over the cat. Apparently they plan on reporting the incident to the police.

  6. Tragically hilarious .Most people buy pets for their cuteness as either kittens or dogs little realizing that these same cute baby animals would be different as adults.Hence once the pets grow their human owners either get bored of them or worse at times pets become a nuisance in the human household.My own 6 year old tomcat “Matata” was a cute traditional Persian kitten but today is a flop as a “Stud Cat” and has the worst cat habits tolerable by humans. I always say that he is the luckiest cat to be owned by a human who tolerates his waywardness and cat bad habits.”SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL” !I have posted a photo of “Matata” being exercised with a fly-whisp.

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