Cat Abscess Flushed Out (video)

Treating a feline abscess
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Treating a feline abscess. Flushing it with antiseptic solution. Screenshot from video.

This will test your stomach for the gruesome. Some people will find it hard to watch. It is instructional, however, even for the average cat guardian because feline abscesses are fairly common. It is one of the hazards facing the outside especially males who get into fights. The veterinary hospital who filmed it reassured the viewers as follows:

“The patient was sedated with methadone. During most of the procedure, the tech near the patient’s front was gently holding her head in place away from the other technician performing the abscess flush. For a few moments when the patient was moving, the technician lightly scruffed the cat to reposition the patient and released the hold once the patient was situated.”

It looks awfully painful but the sedation did the trick. In this case it looks like this cat was fleeing another cat who was getting the upper hand and bit him on the lower back. As I understand it, in the video, you see them flushing the abscess cavity with a dilute antiseptic solution to keep it draining until it heals from below. Antibiotics will be administered to treat the bacterial infection. Fights usually result in head and neck abscesses caused by a bite when bacteria in the biting cat’s mouth is ‘injected’ under the skin of the victim where it infects the cat causing white blood cells to attack the infection (the white puss).

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2 Responses

  1. Frances A Danna says:

    Yes, the video is hard to watch. However, this procedure is necessary to eradicate the infection and induce the healing process. ?

    • Michael Broad says:

      Yep. I am not sure I could be a vet. I have the emotional desire to help with feline welfare but I hate seeing cats hurt and in pain. Two opposing forces almost.

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