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Cat Abuse: Does the punishment fit the crime? — 9 Comments

  1. Horrible people, stupid, clinging, needy woman letting him do that without even attempting to stop him because he’s her man and if she tries to stop him maybe he’ll leave her or maybe he’ll hit her, the ignorant, posturing oaf, big man smirking as he abuses the cat and looking at her for a reaction, trying to impress and maybe even scare needy woman. And who the hell video’d it? There must have been another person in the room. I’m glad he was punished, I’m glad he was fined and banned BUT who polices the ban? Who is going to watch him for 10 years? He could move away to somewhere different, he could change his name, who would know he was banned and in the end who would care? Animals abusers should be tattooed right across their foreheads “I AM AN ANIMAL ABUSER” that would stop them and enforce their bans.

    • Great idea – just like sex offenders they should be made public permanently so that everybody is warned of what they did – whether its a tattoo or a stripey shirt – I don’t care – as long as they have to live with what they did.

  2. Well I’m glad that man was punished, the woman should have been too for not stopping him. How was he found out? Probably by posting his ‘funny video’ on YouTube.
    No the punishment doesn’t ever fit the crime because there is no punishment harsh enough for deliberate animal abuse, unfortunately ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life’ doesn’t apply any more which is a great pity because abusers deserve to suffer the same abuse they gave. So, that man hasn’t got a tail but he has something else he could be lifted up and down by! Preferably in a vice.

  3. Law enforcement agencies are, generally, divided into units (burglary, fraud, sex offender, murder, etc.) and have special investigators on board.
    There is no unit for animal abuse. I think, if there were, people would get the message that it is taken very seriously. Maybe more perpetrators would be caught and prosecuted.
    As you say, laws are pointless without enforcement.

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