Cat abuser adopts rescue cat, kills him and tries to adopt again within 48 hours

A suspected cat abuser, and it seems killer, has the habit of contacting cat rescues direct, asking them whether they have a cat for adoption and then going back to them a couple of days later to say that the cat he adopted has died and can he adopt another cat. Yes, it sounds sick, bizarre and almost unbelievable. But it is sicker than that. It is a live, current matter.

Sicko man adopts cats from rescue to kill
Sicko man adopts cats from rescue to kill
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There is a report on the online version of the Singapore Independent newspaper describing how a cat foster carer, Mr KH Lee, raised the alarm about an alleged cat abuser whose name is “Rod”. Rod wanted to adopt a cat and approached Mr Lee direct.

Mr Lee believes that the alleged cat abuser is a Malay male aged around 30. He also believes that he is small man who lives in Boon Lay or at his workplace at Fan Yong Road.

In a perverted touch, this sicko man sent Mr Lee a picture of his penis at the same time that he enquired about adopting a cat.

Mr Lee shared the experience with other members of a group of which he is part and they told him about a healthy ginger cat who died less than two days after Rod adopted him. Rod sent a photograph of the cat which showed wet fur and blooded paws to Mr Lee (see it on this page).

Lee believes that the cat was drowned and his/her claws pulled out. He says that Rod tried to contact the cat rescuer from whom Rod had adopted the cat to inform him that the cat was sick. When the rescuer refused to intervene and take the cat to a veterinarian Rod tried to extort money from him, demanding 1000 Singapore dollars to collect the cat. The rescuer was lead to believe that the cat was suffering and needed to be rescued from this abuser.

Shortly afterwards Rod informed the rescuer that the cat had passed away but refused to say where the cat was. Then two hours later after telling the rescuer about the death of the cat, Rod asked whether he had another cat for adoption. The matter has been reported to the police and Mr Lee has urged others to be aware of this person as it appears that he is on the lookout to adopt another cat from another rescue organisation to kill.

Comment: this appears to be a cat abuser/killer looking for cats to abuse and he goes to cat rescuers to adopt them. It is not disimilar to abusers adopting cats from Craigslist for fighting dog training. The bizarre aspect of it is that Rod is behaving irrationally. He is a mixed up person and possibly mentally ill.

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