Cat abuser gives us an insight into why he did it

There are three reasons why this cat abuser, Samuel Conroy, abused a black cat by violently trowing him against a wall (1) he dislikes cats (2) the cat’s owner left her cat behind when she moved out and let her property to Conroy which placed the cat and the abuser in the same house and (3) Conroy admits his behaviour stemmed from anger…

“It was a case of me letting my anger take over, rather than using my brain.”


This gives us an insight as to what is behind many forms of cat abuse. There is nearly always anger. Undirected anger is always present I feel. The abuser wants to take his anger out on something and it might be an inanimate object or it might be a living being. Domestic cats are often present and innocently waiting to be abused.

Irresponsible cat owner

The cat’s owner and homeowner was careless and irresponsible with her cat. The homeowner had moved to Melbourne (this story takes place in Australia). Conroy correctly said that she should have taken her cat with her. How could she leave her cat behind not knowing whether the occupiers of her home were suited to looking after her cat? There cannot have been a proper emotional connection between her and her cat. She was also unsuited to caring for a cat. Wouldn’t it be nice if the authorities could somehow ensure that all cat owners where suited to the task? A dream.

Hatred of cats

All cat abusers at least dislike cats and often hate them. The hatred stems from a variety of sources, most often an ignorance about cat behaviour and sentience. It is the “it’s only a cat” mentality which underpins cat cruelty.


The good news is that the RSPCA were looking for Conroy but he came clean and owned up to his crime. Despite his admission of guilt he may be charged with animal cruelty. He should be. The maximum penalty on conviction is a A$22k fine and 3 years imprisonment.


The whole event was filmed on video. The video forms the basis of the evidence together with the admission. Once again there is this ignorance about committing a crime (in this instance animal cruelty) and videoing it and posting it on social media. It is very strange. A desire for notoriety perhaps, or fame. The 15 minutes of fame described by Andy Warhol.

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4 thoughts on “Cat abuser gives us an insight into why he did it”

  1. The logic behind filming, and then publishing, the commission of a crime escapes me. I suppose that deep down inside they want to get caught. Then again, I will never understand the justification for torturing any of God’s creatures. Glad I won’t be in their shoes come Judgement Day.

    • Perhaps they do want to get caught. It is a point. The other argument is that they don’t see what they do as a crime because they are ignorant.


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