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Cat Accident or Owner Negligence? — 3 Comments

  1. If we held pet owners to a higher standard most pets would perish in a shelter homeless or be euthanized. For all the hype about them being family pets are a cheap commodity. There seems to be , despite spay and neuter education a never ending supply of little bodies to satisfy someone’s needs with little thought to the long term well being of that pet. We are far from poor. But 2 cats is the limit. It allows us to provide for them. Pets are expensive. No one seems to be singing that message as a chorus to You’re my Best Friend.

  2. My belief is that the fault is 50/50; one half the zoo that should never have any means of access to a 4 year old and the parent(s) who failed to adequately supervise the child.
    I’ve, now, learned that the mother had 3 other children to tend to.
    I know what just having 2 children to safeguard entails.
    This mother should have never taken 4 children, even to the grocery store, alone without someone else to help.

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