Cat advocacy community is mourning transporter killed while driving rescued cats to SC sanctuary

The cat rescue community is in mourning this week following the tragic death of one of our own. A well-known and beloved cat transporter of death row rescues was killed in a traffic accident over the weekend.

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Janice Lockamy, 60, was killed in a car accident July 2 while transporting 21 cats from Tampa Bay Animal Control in Florida to Suzy’s Zoo Sanctuary for Special Needs Kitties in South Carolina. Her husband, Kent Frank Lockamy, 69, was seriously injured. The Brandon couple were both wearing their seatbelts and alcohol wasn’t involved in the crash.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, at 3:29 p.m. their 1999 Toyota 4Runner was traveling northbound on I-75 near Brooksville in the outside lane when it left the roadway. After entering the east shoulder the 4Runner then traveled back across the roadway where it collided with the concrete barrier then crossed back onto the roadway. The vehicle overturned and came to rest upright on the shoulder.

The injured cats were taken to Hernando ACC. I have a tentative list of the missing cats from Cindi Tanksley who is in contact with Suzanne Melton of Suzy’s Zoo. Gavin, Trixie, Jackie, Jade and unnamed kitten are known missing at this time. Animal Control in the area is trying to help set traps for them near the Sherman Hills Golf Course in Hernando County. It is unknown if undocumented cats were also on board. Suzanne will likely make a post to update.

Frank was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital with what are described as serious injuries. He has a long road to recovery ahead, both physically and emotionally. Please help this family if you can and feel free to leave a comment below to remember her. Janice never asked for a dime and wouldn’t even accept gas money for transport.

bottle baby survived the crash (safe in foster care)

Her dedication to getting the cats to where they needed to go will never be forgotten. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

This article will be updated as information becomes available. The fundraiser link was removed. It was someone trying to profit from Janice’s death. Anyone who gave is asked to submit a fraud request for a refund.

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101 thoughts on “Cat advocacy community is mourning transporter killed while driving rescued cats to SC sanctuary”

  1. contact your local shelter or humane society. They have need for transporters and can give you links to follow on the web and on FB. Also search for Imagine Home or The Catz Meow Transport service on FB. Or on the internet.

  2. I’m praying for you dear Frank .I’m so sorry for your loss Janice was a lovely lady with the most beautiful heart ever she had a big love for furbabies and that is a beautiful thing .we will never forget Janice for all the great work and caring she did . My prayers for you will never condolences to you. Xx

      • Does anyone have any updates on the missing kitty’s ? Or how the others are doing? Such a sad situation when people are transporting animals to go to a better life I would pray that where they are going is far better than what they came from . If all these people that are rescues are harming these animals then something needs to be done about it there was a woman and her boyfriend that were getting cats from the pound on the pretense of being rescues and were taking them and throwing them out different areas of Nc and Va most if these cats were from indoor only homes these despicable people have gone to trial and their punishment was next to nothing she uses a lot of different aliases it is so heartbreaking to see this happening Mrs Janice and her husband did all they could out of the goodness of their hearts and love for animals and the cat community has lost their angel . I pray that more can be do e to regulate and keep an eye on some of these so called rescues paperwork inspections and photos updated should be readily available when asked for the thoughts thst one of my cats could go to a situation like that is devastating . Prayers for all the transporters out there and for all of Janice’s family

        • I read on a thread somewhere that he’s home now. I’m not sure about the situation with their personal cats. I don’t know if he’ll be able to care for him or if they’re going to temporary or permanent rescue.

  3. And these are the things we will never understand. How can tragedy fall upon someone so loyal and dedicated to saving the lives of animals? May she RIP and may God hold her husband safely in His arms while he goes through numerous recovery stages.


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