Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!

by Darlene

Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

Hi everyone! I would like to start off by saying Merry Christmas straight to you. Here's a beautiful story about my cat Milo.

At Christmas time each year Milo loves to help me wrap gifts while I roll out the wrapping paper and begin wrapping the gifts for family members of mine.

She loves to lay down right on the wrapping paper and roll around on it. Its very sweet looking. She loves the attention she gets while I wrap gifts.

Another thing she really loves to do lay and play with tinsel. Its one of her favorite things to do around this time of year.

When I decorate the Christmas tree she loves to watch every move I make when I put the decorations on the tree.

After I finish decorating the tree Milo loves to bat all the bottom decorations on the tree. Its really something else to see

Milo is the heart of love; there are so many great new and old memories shared among Milo and I. This time of year when its cold all you want to do on Christmas day is to be with friends and family and feel the heart warming feeling of Jesus surrounding us all with love and comfort with a hot cup of tea with my pet Milo sitting right beside me.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!!


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Vanilla Magic

by Lenora Greenwalt
(Girard, Ill.)

Vaniila Magic

Vaniila Magic

Vaniila Magic

Vanilla was dumped at a campground where we camp. She was pregnant and gave birth to 3 beautiful kittens, one black Tabby, one gold Tabby, and one silver Tabby.

I fell in love with her, and the campers found homes for the kittens. She is 2 years old, has freckles and stripes in her facial markings, black tips, and the body markings of the the Siamese, but has two yellow toes on a hind foot, and a yellow stripe up the back of one hind leg.

She is very (Queenish) and has Siamese traits. She is extremely lovable, though on her terms and when she chooses. She has the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen, but is not sleek furred.

She is very well behaved, and I never regret bringing her home, I'm just curious as to whether or not she is truly a Siamese. I just know that I love her!

Lenora Greenwalt

Hi Lenora... I think I have to refer you to this page:

What Breed Is My Cat?. Thanks for sharing and visiting....Michael

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I Think Henry is NFC

by Heather
(Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)



Henry Henry

I adopted Henry at age 6 from a shelter, so of course I can never be sure. He is such a love! Very cuddly, always wants to be held.

He was very skinny when I got him, but still 17 lbs. He is how about 25 lbs.

He has the tiniest kitten voice, I can barely hear him.


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by Steffanie
(Green Bay, Wisconsin)

This is my cat Shadow, and I'm trying to figure out if he could possibly be a Chantilly or a mixed breed with it...

Hi Steffanie... The answer to your question can probably be found on this page:

What Breed Is My Cat?

Without a documented pedigree you won't know. There are no DNA tests as far as I am aware and appearance alone is not certain enough. Mixed breed or a purebred mix is the most likely answer. Sometimes purebred cats do pop up in the most unlikely places though....Michael

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Archie My Little Boy

by Rex
(Wirral, Liverpool, England)

MMMM Cat Nip ( Achie showing off his new harness)

MMMM Cat Nip ( Achie showing off his new harness)

I was looking for a Bengal but after reading about them I was thinking they may be a bit to lively but managed to locate a Bengal cross with a Mau.

He is the best thing I have ever bought, He is so loving, he has his calls for me and will play and play till he can't anymore and will just sleep. He is 20 Month old now and is still growing.

He's just under 7KG so not medium size. Also he is very good with other cats I have a 10 year old tabby (Max) and Archie sees him as his big brother.

Thanks for looking

Rex, Archie, Max

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Cats Giving Thanks For Thanksgiving - Furball Fables

by Chase H
(Hollywood. California)

Cats Giving Thanks For Thanksgiving - Furball Fables

The Furball family gives thanks for their many blessings in a Thanksgiving Holiday Special.

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How many calories does a cat need? Possibility good cat food.

by Judy

Eukanuba is an Iams product. I lost many cats in the past because of Iams. I recently read where Iams (Eukanuba) is on another recall.

Iams is the number one lab doing tests on our animals for cosmetics, dish liquids etc. & much, much more. Dry cat food is the same as can food just with out all the liquids. Sometimes cats are not overweight because of how much they eat but because of what is in the food(?)

I got a cat from a shelter & the vet.commented on the fact she must have been fat at one time(?). That's very odd for a vet's observation as here the vet & myself sit discussing this cat's illnesses, her lab work was she had no liver as well as cancer which meant that there was infections & inflammation which causes the cat to swell up.

As for pets food I searched around and came across whole food store which is just like a farmers market. It is very people friendly and the stores are nationwide. I found all kinds of natural foods for people as well as animals. There are varieties of pet food. I chose the cans with small amounts of selective meats because there was all sorts of vitamins included especially a vitamin highly talked about is Taurine.

Also I make some of my own cat & dog treats. I noticed when I was feeding my cats Friskies their teeth were turning black. I surely cannot afford false teeth just yet for my kitties! I took my small dogs off the raw food diets because of all the shots being injected in cattle//chicks fatten them up at a younger age.

It was also fattening up my dogs too much where I can barely see their little legs. God bless....


Hi Judy.... sorry for the long delay before publishing this....Michael

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