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Milo is the most valuable thing in my life - the rest of my belongings I can do without in my life as long as I have milo in my life and jesus christ I am happy.

Last night while I was laying on the couch with a fleece blanket and Milo on my lap laying down on me Milo rested her sweet fuzzy head on my hand and after she had done that I began petting her in her favorite spot which is of course on her head and on the side of her face.

It must have felt good enough that she was dosing off to sleep and she did fall asleep on my lap while I was laying down on my couch it was really so sweet.

Recently it had to be the past week while I was trying to take a nap in bed when I felt this over empowering fear come over me of losing Milo in my life. I prayed to Jesus, God, and all the heavenly angels to please help me get this fear I felt out of me.

I felt Jesus, God and the angels slowly pulled the fear out of me and I felt they all helped me get the fear out of me and the fear was gone

Milo and I, we protect each other all the time we do everything together she is my everything in this world. Milo is one of a kind there wouldn't be that much love in the world if milo wasn't here with me Milo brings so much love in the world that the world will miss her I am blessed.


Hi DARLENE.... thanks for sharing again. Take care of Milo and you won't lose him. You are frightened because of a previous loss. Take care Darlene..

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Puck - The York Chocolate Cat

by Cesara
(Milan, Italy)



I am the lucky parent of Puck, a wonderful lavender York Chocolate Cat.

His name comes from the Shakespeare's comedy "Dream of a middle summer night", like most of his relatives.

He comes from Faires Cattery, where he was born five years ago. Unfortunately this cattery is not active any more, therefore Puck is still without a wife ...


Very Funny Cat

by Craig Elliott
(Milwaukee, WI USA)

My Blue British Shorthair is one funny cat. He is about to turn 2 years old and is as play-full now as he was as a kitten. I am concerned about his weight; I limit his food as he seems to eat a lot.

Any morning that his food bowl is empty, as soon as I start making noise in the morning, he jumps into bed and start pulling on my beard with his teeth. If I am clean shaven, he will nibble on my face with out hurting me. Does not take much to wind him up.

Full speed down the hall, major jump, clear the arm of the couch and land on the far side of the back of it. Then 5 seconds later, back down the hall and in the bed-room.

Wants lots of attention, will sit next to me, but only if I sit up, Laying down, off he goes. Watches me a lot, talks to me, and does real funny things. Better than watching TV at times. By far, this is one friendly cat, dogs are his pray. No mater the size, he will not back down and will tell them who boss is. Confuses a lot of dogs he has met. Rabbits are his chase toy, unless the don't run, the he just wants to cuddle up with them.


Love your cat and your classic description of a him!


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by Jillian Black
(Los Angeles)

I have a rescued Turkish Angora, Gremlin, who is now 17 years old and who has had very minimal health problems over the years.

She is a tux and is lively and inquisitive and very kitten-ish still.

I note that she has developed a touch of arthritis recently in her hips (vet gave me chondritan for that) and she has slightly-off kidney chemistry (shows on blood tests).

Other than that, she is amazingly lively for an older cat. I am considering putting her on a raw food diet. I tried this years ago, but she didn't like it.

However, I met a very experienced cat rescuer recently who advocates it and who has seven gorgeous felines who all look very healthy indeed. Does anyone else have more information or recommend a raw foods diet? I know they can be hazardous with parasites, etc.

My cat is very talkative and affectionate and quite amusing. She still likes to play with toys and be with her people. Very social with visitors.


Hi Jillian.. There is a page on this site that may assist: Raw Food Diet. The advice comes from "experts". Vets don't recommend raw in case people prepare it incorrectly and without proper attention to hygiene (i.e. bacteria etc.). Done properly it is the best but it must be done with real thought and care.

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My New Norwegian Forest Cat

by Sherry Mcquarrie
(Rochester MN )

I am an elderly lady from Rochester, MN and I wanted a cat.

Two weeks ago last Sat. I was given a cat. I didn't know she was this kind of cat. She's beautiful but I think she may be having a hard time adapting.

She's 9 yrs old. The man that had her had a lady caring for her since last Dec {2009}.

I just got her Sept 25th 2010 - she was on my lap with in 45 mins of being here. She hid the second day in one of the dresser drawers and I still don't know how she got in the dresser.

She's got long brown and blackk hair and a very long tail and a little white on her chest. she eats but not much at a time and it may because shes 9 yrs old.

She is friendly but still act shy as its only been it will be three weeks Oct 16th this Sat.. She has all kinds of toys already but doesn't seem interested in playing with toys.

I'm wondering if she's just having a hard time adjusting. she sits on my lap every day a lot and she lets me brush her beautiful hair. I have fallen in love with this cat the minute I laid eyes on her. I know she was bought by the gentlemen that had her for his wife so he had her for 8 yrs .

I renamed her Madison and she all ready know her name.



by Hilary

I recently moved to France, and told my husband that I would like a black kitten as our new pet.

A few days later I looked out the window and saw a feral cat and her two kittens. One of the kittens was pure black the other grey and white.

I decided to feed them as they were starving, but the mother would not come near us. I continue to feed the two kittens, and they let me stroke them.

They are here everyday playing in our garden and waiting for dinner, they have adopted us, I thought it was strange that I wanted a black kitten, and one turned up...............


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I Think I have a Coon Cat

by Anne-Marie Cook
(Palmetto, FL, Manatee)

Charlie Loves Amber

Charlie Loves Amber

I was in RI when a friend had picked up an abnormally large black cat who was stray. She found she couldn't keep him and offered him to me because of my immediate love for this awesome cat.

At seven months, we was the most calm, unflappable, cat I ever knew. I had to fly him to Florida. Not only did he not make a fuss about getting into and out of the cage several times, but, he never cried or made a sound once during the seven hour ordeal!!!

He is totally lovable and has accepted my female tabby immediately. They are in love today. He does have the dew claws - which he allows me to clip for him. I have never seen him nervous or anxious about anything. The neighbors are amazed that he allows squirrels and great herons to run around him and he simply watches with interest.

The only departure from his sweet nature is when an invading male cat enters our property. Then, surprisingly, he is ferocious!!!

Is my Charlie a Coon?

Check out the pictures where he is now 18 months old.

Thank You,


Please reply to

Hi Anne-Marie.. Thanks for sharing. Your answer will probably be found on this page:

What Breed Is My Cat?

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by Danielle

This site is really amazing. Not only is the RP fun and the fact that the site has been up for almost four years now, but also the members on the site are so nice and they just care about each other so much.

It really keeps my love for warriors up because I have so much fun on that site.


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