Not sure if he is a Bengal cat

Not sure if he is a Bengal cat

by Sandy

it's a head band as a collar

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it's a head band as a collar

it's a head band as a collar

Hello..My husband and I got this cool looking cat for our daughter as a pet. Fuzzy spotted kitten turned into a large spotted cat. He is 12lbs at 2yrs old. We are not sure of his back ground.

If you can see the photos as a kitten and more recently.

Maybe someone can tells us what we have. I am interested because he has a few health issues like itchy skin and digestive issue. Maybe knowing his breed may help with treating these issues.

Thank you,

Hi Sandy.. thanks for visiting. I think you have a handsome cat that has some Bengal cat in him but is not a purebred Bengal cat. But I can't be sure. Only cats with documented evidence of pedigree can call themselves purebred!

This page might help: What Breed Is My Cat?

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Leo and Puspa love grass

by Bigben4949

Strictly indoors, I'll have to serve them some greens and pandan leaves are good for the aroma.

Warrior Ideas!

by Lilyflower

I think it would be a neat idea if the authors of Warriors wrote a whole new Warriors series on the way the other clans saw what happened in the forest with different events.

I also have an idea for a clan, Moonclan, where a kit, Rainkit, goes through life as a warrior and becomes leader. Almost like Bluestar's Prophecy but this cat leads the clan to safe place from the other clans because there is not enough space in the forest.(I made up other clans too)Rainkit goes from a kit, to an apprentice, to a warrior(Rainleg), to deputy to leader. Then do another book where she leads her clan through tough times to a safe place.


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