Milo Unwrapping Her Gift

Milo Unwrapping Her Gift

by Darlene Burrow




Good morning everyone!! Milo has been having a lot of fun these days. One day I was wrapping Milo's gift for Christmas while Milo was sleeping away on my bed. She didn't even know I was wrapping a bag of catnip for her.

After a day or two Milo was into searching for anything that belonged to her. Well, she sure found her gift - the catnip. She bats her gift under the Christmas tree enough so she can bat it freely in the living room.

When it is out in the open she still bats it around and then after she's done batting it she rolls around on her gift which is a sight to see.

After she had her fun I put it back under the Christmas tree with all the rest of the wrapped gifts. That night while I was still up Milo laid down under the Christmas tree laying on some of the gifts while I was watching her it was very sweet looking to see.

It only lasted for a short time up until Milo was searching for her gift again. Well she didn't find it right away so she opened a few more gifts that didn't belong to her it was something to see.

That is for sure now Milo has been opening her gift a little bit every day by playing with her gift and tearing the paper until she seen what her gift is. Now every day she opens it a lot more each day. I love my big baby Milo she really knows how to have fun doesn't she?

Hi Darlene.. sorry it was so long to publish your Christmas story.

Milo has had an early Christmas it seems!

Happy Christmas from all of us at PoC.

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The Food Dance

before the dance

before the dance

i have 2 maine coon kittens and when ever there are fed they stand on there hind legs wiggle their front legs and meow, while up then step forward and backward. it is the cutest thing but they try and grab their food with their paws, sometimes they succeed.:)

ARHHHG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have 2 cats

They have scratched a lot of my furniture, BUT I WOULD NEVER HAVE THEM DECLAWED! This is BARBARIC! People who want cats but do not want them to have claws for fear of them damaging their furniture SHOULD NOT HAVE CATS OR PETS AT ALL! Maybe they should have their nails removed. They might realised what it feels like.

I have read about an indoor cat who was declawed. Somehow he managed to get to the garden and was savaged by the tom cats who had fierce claws against none! The poor little thing eventually died of his injuries a few days later!!!

Vets who performed this kind of surgery are a disgraced to their profession!

This also goes for cutting of the tail of some dogs such as boxers.

THIS IS NOT NATURAL and if NATURE GAVE THEM TAILS AND CLAWS this must be for a reason.

Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody (pets included)

Cougars In Minnesota

by Whitey W
(Hillman Minn. Morrison)

we have seen many cougars here in the last twenty years. Big ones 2 at a time and even cubs. I have trail camera pictures. BUT WHAT IS NEW IS BLACK CATS JUST HALF AS BIG AT MATURITY. We have seen them with babies in their mouths.

Three of us saw one cross "169 hwy near Atkin minn. We live near onamia minn. One pearson took a picture of one at Hugo minn-all black. these cats are about 100 pounds and very fast. My e-mail is

DO NOY USE THIS E-mail unless it regards big cats.

Maurice Relaxing

by Liz
(San Antonio, TX)

Maurice the Relaxed Ragdoll

Maurice the Relaxed Ragdoll

Maurice is my spoiled Ragdoll. He loves lying around the house relaxing.

Miss Molly appears to be an American Short Hair

by Deanna Peterson
(Vista, Ca USA)

I found Molly outside. She was hiding under a big truck. I picked her up several times, but she would run back under the truck. After I treated her for fleas. I put up several ads around the neighborhood, no one claimed her. I decided to keep her. I took her to the Vet for shots and when was time for her to be spaded, I got it done. Paid a pretty penny for her, but it was worth it.

Molly at first thought that she was the boss over the other four older cats. They are used to eating together, I would say "everybody come" when the other cats came, Molly put up a defense, boxing and growling at just a few weeks old. Then someone decided to smell her behind that made matters worse, she spat and growl, they were very patient with her, I could imagine the Maus saying, "how much more do we have to put up with?" after having to accept Tigger-Wigger.

Molly turned out to be very likable by everyone including humans that don't care for cats, they did not have a chance, she would come up to them and rub up against them, not only that I believe that she is a beautiful cat.

She always seem to be protecting Tigger-Wigger from the two female Maus. I am so glad that I decided to keep her. Here are some pictures of Molly.

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