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  1. I am a Sri Lankan woman who is working in Israel as a care giver. What I want to ask is if there is a way to give my cats for adoption. I cannot see them suffering.

    Before they were living with me, I had an apartment and I was taking care of them. They were so lovely and I was keeping them clean every week. I gave them shower. They slept on my bed or I arranged a place for them to sleep but unfortunately I lost the apartment with everything I had bought: lot of books, clothes, gifts for my family, 7 boxes of things to send to Sri Lanka.

    The landlord, because of the electricity bill, he did not give me anything. He gave the apartment to someone else and they stole my things. Now I am living somewhere.

    I was very sad and depressed but still my cats are roaming around the house they think that is their house. One day I saw the man who is living in that house took a stone to hit my cat some times they throw out water at them you know how I feel.

    I feel so sad. Actually, I found something that human does not have faith fullness every day. I go there. I call them when they come. I give food and water. I feel happy instead of spreading hatred. It is so nice to love animals and to help them to survive but I need them to have a safe place and a good house and not on the street. If somebody can help me out I would be so glad.

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