Cat and dog BFF’s were adopted from the shelter together. Now they play all day long

Chico the dog and Coco the cat both suffered abuse before ending up at an animal shelter together before being adopted into their forever home together in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

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When Margaret Freitas and her husband Francisco Frietas went to the shelter looking for a dog to adopt they were touched to see a small dog who had bonded with a cat. The couple knew from watching them that they couldn’t leave the cat behind since the cat was protecting his dog BFF.

Over Thanksgiving weekend Chico and Coco went to their new home. When Coco doesn’t see Chico he’ll go through the home searching for him.

Margaret said during a news media interview

“We have the most beautiful moments with them. In the past weeks, we haven’t laughed so much in the entire year.”

The photos used in this article are screenshots from a “Stitch” video. It’s very entertaining and can be viewed by clicking here.

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    • I looked at the outfit and there’s a small place cut in it but the bottom also comes too low on the back legs. We have one senior cat who loves her sweaters in the winter but they end a bit more than midways of her back. My cats would never go for this outfit. It’s too constraining.


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