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Cat and Dog Flood Rescuers Criminally Exploited by Towing Operator

Ninety-nine percent of people in an emergency or under very difficult and exceptional conditions pull together and are on their best behaviour. It’s just a natural human trait. However, some unscrupulous people like to exploit others under these circumstances and one such person is Robert Boland, 40, an employee (and/or owner) of a tow truck business.

Boland Booking Photo

Elisa wrote an article about good and bad behaviour during the rescue of pets during the ravaging South Carolina Floods. In one incident a group of companion animal rescuers where, it seems, more or less forced under the circumstances to park their cars at a Shell station when they rushed to the nearby Francis R Willis SPCA which was under water to assist with the rescue operation.

The Shell station manager (or an employee) telephoned a towing business and Boland of Carolina Towing and Recovery turned up with dollar signs in his eyes. He obviously saw an opportunity to make a lot of money by exploiting people under trying conditions. He towed some vehicles away and charged the owners inflated prices — “price gouging”.

The Dorchester County Sheriff’s Department has become involved because not only did he grossly inflate his fee to unacceptable levels he did not have the appropriate license for the county concerned. These was criminal behaviour resulting in Robert Boland being arrested and charged in Summerville, SC, according to ABC News 4.

It is the same old story. The true character of a person comes out under disaster conditions. Most act well and indeed become better people. A small percentage do the opposite. These are the bad ones.

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