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Cat and Dog Thieves Are Not Punished Enough — 4 Comments

  1. It’s very unlikely that any cat or dog would be stolen here. Only a small percentage would be possibly stolen if pedigreed and papered. To that, we can assume that any cat/dog stolen would be meant for breeding. My guess would be that those would be less than 1%.
    We are a land of moggies. Only idiots and elitists have a need to have purebreds.

    • Most thefts are not reported or tracked.
      I have long noticed that looking in the lost and found section for dogs especially there will be a sudden run on one breed being reported missing.

  2. IN the US we have the American Rule where each party bears their own legal costs. In the UK as I understand the loser most often bears the cost of the both parties. Many of these cases end up being civil. Generally speaking for a dog or cat of no pedigree you can only recover the replacement cost. Sometimes as little as 40 dollars. Hence most cases never get to court. Many small claim courts cannot give punitive damages.
    As we have been though the legal system trying to get justice I can tell you as far as domestic pets go you are legally screwed in the US

    • ME, that sounds similar to the UK. Very similar really. There is no economic value in cats. There is a ton of emotional value which is not assessed in monetary terms.

      I don’t know of any civil cases regarding domestic cats. They are very rare. It is not economically viable as you say to go to court. We are stuffed too.

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