Cat and duck are best friends at a dog rescue center in Atlanta, Georgia

Kimmy Kitty lies down and invites Butterball to groom him under the chin. Photo: Video screenshot.

“I’ve gotten the reputation around town of taking in just about any needy oddball animal that needs a home. We’ve had countless orphaned ducklings, miscellaneous chickens, random turtles and quail, and one sweet goose. Butterball the duck was attacked at a local pond and left for dead, but I found a vet who saved her. Kimmy Kitty was found in an exterior apartment stairwell at about 2 weeks old. The bassets are from Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia. Butterball got bored with the bassets and became fast friends with Kimmy, and they play every single day.”

Spokesperson at Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia.
Rescue cat and rescue duck are best friends at a rescue center in Atlanta, Georgia

It is an unlikely set of circumstances and I hope my understanding of the story is correct. We have a cat and duck who have become inseparable at a basset hound rescue center. Pretty cool and I love interspecies love affairs. Doesn’t this tell us that animals are more aware, emotional and sentient than a lot of people believe? There are many examples of interspecies relationships on this website, some of which are below.

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  • Okay that's my first cat with duck video and it's cute of course. Is there any animal some cat won't be friends with?

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