Cat and horse form unusual “friendship” when the opportunity for a catnap arose

This is the happy ending story of a cat who recently made a friend who just happens to be a horse. The video was presumably made in a barn in the U.S. and shows how two animals who formed an unusual “friendship” when the opportunity for a nap arose.

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Anyone family with farm animals know animals of different species often make friends with each other. Michael recently wrote on what makes a good barn cat (click here for article) saying

“A barn cat would have to get along with other animals such as horses and cows. I have a feeling that cats are predisposed to getting along with farm animals. It probably comes naturally. In fact, I’d expect them to get along better with farm animals than people.”

This barn cat may be semi-feral or it could be a domestic pet who wanders the property to see what’s out there. The cat was comfortable around the photographer who shot and posted the video.

We don’t know whether this cat is good at chasing rats. Let’s hope so, as many shelters and humane societies now have barn cat programs where feral and semi-feral cats can get off the streets and into a better life.

The April 13 article of barn cat photos has already been shared more than 17,000 times. Please check it out and share with friends. Watch the video above and share this article with friends who need something to smile about today.

We wake up daily to find our social media pages filled with abuse of both humans and animals. It’s nice (and many times difficult) to find a story with a happy ending because the world has apparently gone “mad.”

Do any of the readers here have animals who have formed unlikely friendships? Please feel free to tell your story and to share photos in the comment section.

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