Cat and Laser Pointer (photo)

My cat loves the laser pointer and can’t get enough of it which has made me reassess how good this cat toy is.

Yep, it’s Gabriel again and he is fascinated by a newly discovered laser pointer (I was given it as a present over Christmas). He is so fascinated by it I think it is compelling him to talk because he now asks for the laser pointer. He has been all but silent for the entire time we have been together but he is finding his voice. It makes me wonder when a cat finds his voice. Is there a time when a cat learns to vocalise more; when, perhaps, a cat is more confident to the point where he asks for things from his guardian with a meow?

Gabriel doesn’t ask for “pointer play” with a meow. He employs a strange scream/trill. He has a very kittenish voice. Although, he is no longer a kitten. I’d describe him as “sub-adult” but perhaps I am wrong.

About laser pointers. Some cat lovers think they are cruel because the cat can never catch the prey. I see that argument and I am sensitive to it. However, strictly speaking, all cat toys are not real prey and therefore a cat has the same or similar problem. The best known cat toy – the cat tease, a feather on a stick – is arguably no better than a laser pointer in respect of catching prey although it is, at least, a solid object.

All I know is that I have revised my assessment of the laser pointer based on Gabriel’s love of it. He really does get a lot of fun out of it and it is very convenient for me to because I can use it anywhere without moving much.

Do you use laser pointers and if so what are your opinions on them?

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4 thoughts on “Cat and Laser Pointer (photo)”

  1. Without the Laser Som would not have learned her name so fast nor would she have come when called either, she really loves it so much, I only have to call her and say play time and she is crouched ready on the Bed in an instant. I think she enjoys it so much it cannot be a bad thing. She likes the Ipad too. Are we spoiling our cats?

    1. Excellent comment, Alan, because your cat and mine likes it so much it is an excellent training aid. The reward (the positive reinforcement) is playing with the pointer. The training is responding to her name. You could extend that to all kinds of training in theory.

      It can’t be a bad thing as you say. It is stimulating. Cats need that so much.

      You are as bad (or as good) as me. Yes, we are spoiling our cats a bit but knowing that won’t stop me.

  2. Our Jubi just sits on the cat table next to the couch and stares at Laura until she gets it out. Cujo even chases the laser.

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