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  1. I would like to know when it was that the animal cruelty law was changed to protect domestic or feral cats which are trapped and dropped off in a field without food, water or shelter, 15 miles from home.

    • Hi Jocelyn, I don’t really have to research this because I believe that I know the answer. If a person traps a domestic cat and removes that cat from his/her owner and dumps her 15 miles away that is a crime. It is both animal cruelty and theft. The federal law will cover that. There may also be a law on animal abandonment which this would be. If you did the same thing for a feral cat the outcome is different because these cats are already unowned and living wild. Under these circumstances the person would be relocating the cats. This happens sometimes. It is normally done under TNR work. It would not be a crime. If the feral cats were fed and then moved to another place where they were not fed it would be an immoral act and cruel but it would not be a crime. I hope this helps.

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