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Cat appears to attack baby-sitter to defend toddler — 4 Comments

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  2. That is weird. I agree the cat appears to be protecting the boy. Perhaps the broken glass + unrecognized? or not the usual human in the room set him off. I feel for the girl. That cat meant business. She was very brave to deal with the cat and finally rescue the baby in the end. Wow, that is just tough. What can you do? I hope she got paid!

    • It is an odd video because it is quite difficult to decide why the cat became aggressive towards the babysitter and attacked her. For me it has all the appearance of a mother cat defending her young offspring from a predator. If I’m right then the cat saw the babysitter as a danger to the child who she considered to be her offspring but that seems rather far-fetched although it is similar to the well-known case of the tabby cat defending a child from an attack by a dog stop

      • She was definantly defending her own here. The question in my mind is why? Did the shattered glass put her into protection mode? Or was there something we didn’t see going on? Did the woman yell at the kid? Didn’t look like it, but there seemed to be some lag. Not sure.

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