Cat Artificial Respiration

cat artificial respiration
Artificial respiration: blow gently into the cat’s nostrils. In brief:

  • Lay cat on flat surface with right side down.
  • Open cat’s mouth. Clear secretions with cloth. Check for foreign body and remove if present. If object is stuck use Heimlich Maneuver.
  • Pull cat’s tongue forward and close mouth. Place your mouth over cat’s nose. Blow gently. Cat’s chest will expand – if not blow more forefully and/or seal the lips with hand to stop your breath escaping through cat’s lips.
  • Release to let the air come out of lungs.
  • Deliver breaths at one every 4-5 seconds or 12-15 per minute.
  • Continue until cat breathes unaided or as long as the cat’s heart continues to beat.


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