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Cat at grooming parlour dies and staff cremate her BEFORE owner can find out why — 6 Comments

  1. I think an employee took the cat home and told the owner it died, was cremated with no remains, just like I’ve read similar instances have happened to women who’ve just given birth and were told the baby was stillborn and then remains destroyed before the mother can see her baby.

  2. Someone at VIP knows the truth, and may eventually risk their job to tell it. I really hope so. In the meantime, I hope VIP looses a lot of business, and they get sued heavily by some aggressive cat loving lawyer.

    That’s why I say “No more Groomers, No more Vets, and No more vaccines for my pet!” I’m not putting her life in any vet’s hands, unless I’m not able to take care of her health issues myself.

    I groom her myself every day, and clip her nails with my nail clipper when they get sharp. (Just the tips!)

    I’m still figuring out the least toxic flea prevention, so right now I just use a half vial of Advantage, and she seems o.k. with it, but I’m not satisfied with it, and want something more natural. The vet says there isn’t anything. Should I believe that?

  3. I can forgive a careless mistake as long as it’s not life threatening (sometimes), but when the perpetrators start covering their a**ses that’s when my tolerance for BS vanishes. Especially when an innocent human or animal loses their life because of some nitwit. This is one of those times.

  4. _Well, my opinion is that if the groomers did not administer medications/as they usually don’t play Dr. and secondly, if the vet didn’t treat this animal_as she stated; the only other conclusion that seems obvious to me was that they bathed her and then left her in the drying box and when they remembered to check on her; it spoke of negligence on their part and someone panicked. Was she fried in that box ? I wonder. Eva
    ftnt: we are only human and all of us have failed at some time in life caring for pets. The sad thing is that although admitting our mistakes is very tough; The owner will want to know the details of her cat’s death >no matter how painful they might be to hear.It is unfair not to tell the truth and bring some closure.

  5. If the facts provided are correct, then the cause of death appears to be highly suspicious. Why the rush to cremate the body, unless there was something to hide? Did it not occur to groomers that the owner might want one last chance to see Sandy and say goodbye? At the very least they should have considered that she might want to make her own arrangements regarding burial/cremation? If the allegations are true, perhaps it was cheaper to cover cremation costs than fork out for a potential negligence claim.

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