Cat at veterinarian’s puts his head in counter top ‘waste hole’ to try and hide

Ahh..this is sad. Cat puts his head in vet’s ‘trash hole’ to try and hide. It is amazing that cats seem to believe that if they hide their head they become invisible. Perhaps they don’t think this when they do this sort of thing but it looks like they do. I have seen it before in alternative scenarios. For example, cats pushing their head under a pillow while the remainder of their body is clearly visible.

The more likely scenario

Perhaps some domestic cats believe that if they can’t see the source of their fear, the source of their fear goes away. It may be that, in an instinctive way. It is certainly an instinctive reaction and strictly speaking irrational. It is classic case of burying your head in the sand! You know the saying, which means to push something to one side and try and forget about it.

2 thoughts on “Cat at veterinarian’s puts his head in counter top ‘waste hole’ to try and hide”

  1. I believe it is pure terror that causes cats to do this. The ability of other species to experience terror should never be underestimated.

    Poor puss.

  2. Yeah it is so cute; like a little kid who hides his face and says “you can’t see me”. Ostriches are famous for hiding their head in the sand, as are U.S. Republicans. I’ve noticed my cats, when afeared, will push their head under my arm pit if I’m carrying them. And I’ve seen that field veterinarians typically put a towel or something over an animals’s eyes to help them be calm. Oh and Ashley, try not to write “I died” when writing about your cat… it shocked me to see “died” until I read the whole thing and understood you were talking about you, not your cat. You can die all you want…
    (just kidding).


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