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  1. In my world, a sudden “fallen” cat generally means poisoned.
    But, no matter the cause, I am in favor of autopsies if they are for the greater good and for the purpose of exposing wrongdoings.

  2. Virtually all vets receive their nutritional education from the pet food manufacturers, so I’d be sceptical about getting an unbiased opinion as to whether the pet’s death was diet related. Unless of course the results of the necropsy identified disease or a previously undiagnosed medical condition as the cause of death.

    There’s no doubting that when one of our pets dies unexpectedly we want to know the cause, but I’ve no idea how much a necropsy costs and whether that would put people off getting one done. I do agree that knowing why our beloved pet died can help with the grieving process. Had I not taken Sophie to the vet the day after she stopped eating, she would have died naturally within the next 48 hours and I wouldn’t have known the cause. I was shocked when the x-rays and ultrasound showed she had end stage liver cancer, but I could see she was fading in front of me and euthansia saved her from any further suffering.

  3. It’s true that it would be difficult to ask for an autopsy after losing a pet. And then, there’s the issue
    of possibly getting a false report, though probably unlikely. Another issue is the extra expense, on top of what they’re already facing.

    I have a friend who lost two cats, within 2 months, after they began vomiting, with bloating. She had extensive tests run, going into debt for these. They were all negative for disease. When she asked the vet about why they died, the vet replied “It doesn’t matter now.” I wouldn’t continue taking my pets there.

    Recently, her 3rd cat is showing the same symptoms. I asked her what she was feeding, in addition to a lot of other questions to sort out what might be the cause. She’s been feeding Iams, both wet and dry. Iams is a brand that has had a lot of recalls. I hope it’s not too late to switch to a better food.

    • Sandra that must be so worrying for your friend and I agree that her vet sounds heartless. Surely he should understand that for two cats from the same household to become seriously ill and die within a matter of weeks is cause for concern. Even more so when there is a third cat in the home who may fall victim to the same unidentified illness.

      I hope a change of diet and vet will be enough to save the third cat.

      • Dee, I never got an answer to the many questions I asked of the guardian. She continues to ask me about what I recommend in pet food, but doesn’t answer the questions I ask, like yours.

        I have a feeling that her cats are indoor/outdoor. If so, they could have gotten a hold of a toxic substance, and it just affected them on a different time frame.

        But I’m more inclined to think of the food as a culprit, since they all eat the same thing.

        • Sandra, if they spent time outside, I would say that they were poisoned – probably antifreeze. If I could post a pic of my precious Colonel, I would. Grrrrrrr… Exact same symptoms.
          Hard to believe that her vet didn’t recognize the classic symptoms of liver and kidney failure due to poisoning.

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