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Cat Banned from Shop after 13 Years of Visiting Because of One Complaint — 7 Comments

  1. Can you give me the customers address? No, don’t give it to me it might end bad.
    All kidding aside you should never let this pinhead in your store again and by all means let Dave back in.

  2. Oh for crying out loud!!! Let the cat in and ban the customer. Why does one rotten human have the right to dictate to those who outnumber her?? I think that most animals are cleaner and better natured than an awful lot of miserable, power-hungry louses (sorry, louse).

  3. I used to own such a franchise (AM/PM Mini Mart) here in the states. I ran it, as my father before me, as a neighborhood store. Before it was a market it was a full service station where my father earned the trust of the entire city for his excellence in car and customer service. I am familiar with the franchisor’s control over franchisees and I fought it on many fronts. The only one that came close to this was when a mechanic brought his dog to work. I agree that pets warm the ambiance and that the shop owner seems arbitrary and cruel to the cat.

    • BTW it’s hard to see but Mort is wearing a make-shift rain coat while he guards a customer’s open car trunk. Photo taken 1972 in front of AL’s Arco (Atlantic Richfield).

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