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Cat bath rap video is quickly going viral: Do you have a cat bath story to share? — 22 Comments

  1. What I see is a very sedated cat with ridiculously short whiskers being submitted to something that he would normally be opposed to for the sake of sensationalism.
    Just my take.

  2. Thanks Michael. Elisa, whiskers are an integral sensory means by which cats (who have them) feel the environment. Michael, looking closely frame by frame they don’t have the tapering off and slight curve toward the ends. They are the same length and width to the ends as if they were cut short straight across. I’ve seen cut whiskers before. I see that he loves short haired cats and I wonder if he or someone “cleaned up” his look for the camera work. People are so crazy about drawing attention to themselves on the internet now that I wouldn’t put anything past anyone. I appreciate that he was basically nice to Ravioli. I’d welcome him to explain this to me.

  3. I applaud any effort to promote kindness toward cats, but I wouldn’t exactly call this that. I’m not convinced the cat enjoyed the harsh yelling in his ear, nor does he appear to have needed bathing. There should at least be a disclaimer that this isn’t a recommended way to bathe any cat lest one expects to get shredded. I could go on but I’ll let you tell me why the cat’s whiskers are cut off? I suspect he’d been sedated for this ridiculous stunt as well as completely shaved a couple weeks prior. That’s why I said no comment, but you had to laugh and call me out didn’t you?

    (Sorry for this Michael, but maybe some posters need to mature a little.)

      • Very interesting video and one that will polarise people I think. Personally I like it because he genuinely loves cats. Although I do think he using his love for cats to promote himself. But I don’t think that is a big deal.

        The whiskers comment by Albert is interesting. This rapper likes purebred cats and the hairless cats – these are Sphynx in my opinion. The ginger cat in the bath is probably a hairless cat (e.g the Sphynx) that is not quite hairless or a cat like the American Wirehair. The cat certainly has gene which affects his coat.

        The whiskers of hairless cats are shorter and sometimes missing. In this instance, they have not been cut short in my opinion. It is just the nature of the cat coat.

        Although I do understand where Albert is coming from. As for the bath, the Cat Man apologises to his cat for bringing him into the bath. So he knows it is not ideal. The cat is okay with it but not entirely comfortable. He objects a bit.

        The Cat Man is cool and he loves cats but he is pushinh his luck a bit.

        • Prior to putting a sprayer in our sink,sitting in the tub with Monty was the best way to bathe him if he got into something sticky. When I tried to do it from outside the tub with him in there I got scratched. When I sat in there holding him he reacted about exactly the way that cat did. He would be ok with it but give that loud meow if you put him down into the water too much.

          Monty is not as patient though. It’s not so much water he hates as things that take too long. He would not have allowed a rap about what we were doing, he would be more interested in getting it done because he is a busy cat with things to do. Same with brushing or claw trimming. “Hurry it up, humans, I have important cat stuff to do.” What that stuff is I have no idea because I just always see him lounging around the house, watching me with those big round eyes.

          After we put a sprayer on the sink we found out that Monty really likes that. It must feel like a massage or something. He will sit for as long as you need him to sit in the sink so long as the sprayer is on him the entire time– even on his tummy. He likes how it feels, apparently. Luckily, he has not gotten sticky or dirty enough to need a bath in a very long time.

          • Super comment and a great thought about how to bathe a cat by getting into the bath with him. That’s a nice idea and I may write about that. Too good to pass up. I also like the impatience of Monty when he is doing things that you want him to do. He does it as long as it is done fast.

        • The cat looks like a Spynx who has grown some fur which happens. Or a oriental I don’t think he was shaved . You have to bath Spynx they sweat and get oil all over you.

    • No need to apoligise Albert. Your views are welcome and respected. I see your point. For me it is a bit greyer by which I mean the good and bad of the video.

      There are some nice things about and I do think he genuinely loves his cats.

      As for the whiskers I don’t think these were shortened – cut. He likes hairless cats. I think that this cat is a hairless-type cat possibly a Sphynx with a lot more hair than normal and the gene which causes hairlessness also removes whiskers and/or shortens them and makes then curly.

      He calls the cat Ravioli which is probably a reference to the whiskers and/or the fur.

      I do think though he has decided that he should associate himself with cats as a way promoting his music. I am not sure I am totally relaxed about that.

    • Lol why post “no comment” if you have no productive input? What I see is a cat who is very loved by his human. And as author suggests, human would be shredded to smithereens if Ravioli strongly objected. I don’t feel this should be done often, like taking your rubber ducky everytime you bathe, but if your cat enjoys it and comes in whenever you bathe that then becomes the cats choice.

      • I sort of agree with you Jo Ann. The plus point is that is nice to see a rapper and black guy loving cats. I don’t think black people like cats as much as white people. That is not racist I hope.

        • I agree with that Michael, I think it’s especially great for a black rapper to show off love for cats. It’s the best role modeling in that respect, and very needed. I hope it’s not just a clever grab for attention from the cat demographic, in order to augment rapping opportunities for him. I admit I don’t like rap… the cadence and hand gestures are just angry and threatening. Smiling doesn’t change that and I’ve been waiting 30 years for this fad to go away. To see it invade my cat world is the biggest F U in my face, but he’s a cat-brother nonetheless.

            • I don’t hate rap. My fifth grade students are working on creating a rap of all fifty states to put in the middle of the song “Fifty Nifty United States” and their rap is definitely better than the original music. I have taught in inner city schools on and off for a lot of years and have been treated to some really awesome rap created by students. My all time favorite was the seventh grade class who (on their own) created a rap about Bilbo Baggins after reading a selection from The Hobbit in reading class. That was before the days of cell phones with cameras in them, or I would have recorded that. I had them perform it for me three times it was so cool.

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