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Cat Becomes Bored With Toys — 6 Comments

  1. I get bored with all of my “toys” too. So, ofcourse, a cat would. And, I am not as inventive as cats. They are masters of play.
    The best toys don’t come from store shelves. The best are boxes, anything dropped on the floor, all things left on counters, and one another.

  2. My tailed Manx Coyote collected plastic drinking straws. The first time he very politely stood up and stared at the straw in the soda can. When I gave it to him he gently put it in his mouth and then paraded through the apartment with it. He played floor hockey with the straws on the tile floors. I watched him with the straws, because I’ve had cats with pica who ate plastic, but he never did. He cached them underneath the couch and the refrigerator.

    Samirah is set in her ways. Only Da Bird gets her going, and even now she plays for about ten minutes. I have to remember she’s an old girl. She’ll jump around for two minutes and then hold it with her paw and lie down on it as if to say, “Okay, woman, that’s enough. I’m tired.” I’ll pull on the string and make squeaky noises, and when I finally tug it free she’ll go after it again.

    I have tried to get her going during the day by sprinkling catnip on her giant rat, her crinkle mat and her scratching posts. She ignores me. Apparently daytime is for nap time, night time is for playing.

  3. My cat has several toys, but her favorite has been a large feathered toy on a long string that I control with a wand. She’s more likely to play in the early morning, and early evening. However, lately she’s lost interest in it, so I got a large furry mouse, which she
    hasn’t shown any interest in.

    I’m always on the lookout for something she might like, but it’s always guess work.

    • She should like the large furry mouse. Disappointing. Of course all cats have their own preferences. A point I failed to make is that even when cats hunt live prey and play with it they become bored in due course. I suppose they become bored more slowly with real prey.

  4. Of all the toys my cat has, his favorite is a straw. He seems to prefer the white one with a red stripe and yellow stripe. I’ve given him other straws, and he loses interest in them after a while.

    • Thanks Jeff. There may be something about that straw which we are not appreciating. We should do a survey! It might help us better understand what cats like other than furry objects.

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