Cat Bed Warmers

cat bedwarmers

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A bit of light relief…at last. The best cat bed warmers are us. And we are often exactly that when our cat sleeps on our lap or joins us in bed. Oh no, she can’t come on the bed with us, never mind in it! Poppycock, of course she can!

Cats like it warm, even hot, they say. I am not sure that this is strictly true. My old lady cat likes flat surfaces, even hard surfaces. I think this is because she likes a bit of air flow around her body. She does have a dense double coat, which may explain that habit.

Generally speaking cats like it warm, however. Why? You would have thought that wearing an overcoat all the year round, in and out, that a cat would get hot, too hot a lot of the time. Cats can become too hot and suffer from heatstroke, which requires immediate attention, by the way. More on that later. I think the liking for warm conditions comes from their wildcat ancestors, the African wildcat and European wildcat. These cats lived in hot climates.

There are a wide range of cat bed warmers so I am going to present two Amazon carousels, one for the North American market ( and one for the UK market ( I normally stick to these two because most visitors to PoC come from these countries.

Some of these are “self-warming” based on reflecting heat back to the cat – more economical and environmentally efficient.

USA – Canada

Sorry this Amazon carousel no longer works


I live in the UK – damp and cold! I have not bought a cat bed warmer. My lady sleeps with me so I am her bed warmer and my three legged boy most often sleeps in the living room. Although, even though it might get a bit chilly at night with the heat off, he finds it OK. When it is really cold he sleeps on the bed with me.

Average cat to others. Eighteen year companion to me.
My 18 year old lady Binnie
Charlie looking handsome
My three legged cat Charlie

I guess if you live in a cold climate and keep the ambient temperature in the home cool, a bed warmer for the cat would seem a neat idea.

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