Cat Behaves Just Like A Person

Cat Behaves Just Like A Person

by Michael

When I saw this massively successful video I thought that is exactly how people act when cuddling another person/child in bed or in some similar scenario.

It has a distinctly human quality about it. You can imagine this being a child and mother or a man and a woman.

Does this mean anything?

It can only mean that cats are more similar to people than some imagine.

The cat has similar anatomy and similar brain structure.

A cat has emotions and feels contented or depressed etc.

Maybe we, as human beings, should for a minute get off our high horse and start looking at animals in a different light.

We tend to separate the animal from the human. I think we should not.

We are learning about animals, slowly, and gradually realizing that we have underrated them in terms of intelligence and overall skills.

Nice video. I am sure many have seen it already.

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Cat Behaves Just Like A Person

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Feb 04, 2012
I LOVE that video NEW
by: Ruth

I’ve seen that video before and I LOVE it and could watch it over and over !
The mother cat hugs her baby to her just like a human mother who loves her baby so much she feels she wants to hold him as close as she can and keep him safe from the world.
I know it has to happen but I feel for cats when their kittens are taken from them, especially when they are too young to leave her.
Cats do have feelings and emotions. I’ll never forget the day we had to catch a feral mother and 2 kittens in someone’s garden, the kittens walked into the trap cage no bother but we couldn’t catch the mother the same day.
The lady in the house said the mother searched and cried all night for her babies.
Thankfully the story had a happy ending as the kittens were tamed and homed, the mother caught and spayed and returned to the garden where the lady said she would feed her. Eventually with time and patience she persuaded the mother cat to live in the house and she settled beautifully and she still has a lovely home with her.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 04, 2012
Cats are like people in many ways ! NEW
by: Anonymous

I always ENJOY reading your articles, especially regarding our furry, purring friends. How many cats own you ? cats are very special they own US not viceversa also they’re very intuitive whether a person is a cat lover or hater.
As I compose this email, Scarlet O’Hair has just jumped up on desk to check what I’m doing & to remind her Momma bedtime is up.
I wish I could be owned by more cats but in the interim Scarlett will receive more than her share of love & attention. She’s our latest rescue & knows it .
Your frequent reader,

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