Cat behaves like wayward child and is dragged away from trouble by caring dog

Dog acts like parent to wayward child
Dog acts like parent to wayward child
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This is an interesting video in that a dog acts as if he is the parent of a wayward child about to get into mischief.

The cat is on a lead but his/her owner is not at the end of it. The cat moves towards another cat and it looks like a dispute is about to start leading to a possible fight.

The dog, who must be mates to this cat, trots along and takes hold of the leash to gently but forcefully take the cat away from trouble.

It’s remarkable how similar the behaviour of both cat and dog are to child and parent. It is so carefully orchestrated it is almost as if they’ve been trained to do it. However it would be impossible to do that.

This is a nice example of interspecies relationships of which I am very fond.

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1 thought on “Cat behaves like wayward child and is dragged away from trouble by caring dog”

  1. That’s remarkable. Have to disagree about the impossibility of training the dog to do that. Have a look at guide dogs, assistance dogs etc, they are often trained to pull their human away from danger they have been trained to distinguish.

    The cat doesn’t look too perturbed by being hauled off.

    We used to have a border collie cross mongrel, a good sort of dog. When a slightly wandering, slightly dementing, great aunt would come to stay, we would tell Shep (dog) to keep Flo safe. He would too. He’d hold on to her cuff, and walk around the house with her, then the garden, but once they got to the gate, Shep would plant his paws firmly, pull back and not let her move an inch.

    Shep just did this for himself, we didn’t teach him. He was rescued by my cousin, she found him locked in a garage of an empty house, surviving by drinking rain that leaked in under the door.

    He never once pulled old Flo over. She called him “my young gentleman”


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