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Cat Behaviorists Should Be Scientifically Qualified | Blog About Cats — 7 Comments

  1. “his expertise is more geared toward new cat caretakers”

    Dee, I hadn’t thought about it that way, but you’re right.

    What I like about PoC, is that it’s somewhere we vintage cat lovers can share experiences, debate ideas and always learn something new.

    I’ve learned more on here from others’ first-hand experiences, than I would have gleaned from books or TV shows.

  2. Hands on experience, patience and compassion will often make a better cat behaviour “expert” than a qualification.

    I know Jackson Galaxy is very popular, but for me, he’s just dispensing the kind of advice and information that most committed cat carers were already aware of.

  3. We live in an age with too many book smart but with no common sense. Studying can’t replace hands on experience. Our ancestors learned thru apprenticeships. I have go-to people for any cat problem I run up on and I trust them more than an expert or book any day.

    • Exactly, Elisa.
      I’m sure that I would go to a neighbor for help in trying to feed newborn kits (I’m just horrible with that) before I thumbed through any expert book.

  4. Michael, i personally feel that owning a cat and living with it makes a person practically understand the pet and its behavior.Owning dogs i learnt a lot about their peculiarities and behavior and now the same applies with my cats. One need not be scientifically qualified to understand “Cat Behavior” although it definitely helps in understanding the finer points of its behaviour.Here is a candid photo of my female cat “Matahari” who likes coming to me when in “Heat”, a strange behaviour. Otherwise she is her normal aloof self.This was a “Selfie” and being a “Theatre addict” i acted the “Selfie”.

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