Cat Behaviour Which Concerns Cat Owners

What sort of cat behavior most concerns cat owners? I believe that we can narrow down the topics. I also believe that we can find out what most concerns cat owners by looking at cat site forums and seeing where most of the activity is. The forum questions that produce the most answers and activity will tell us where people’s concerns are with respect to the behavior of their cat, which in turn reflects a cat’s emotions and health etc.. We know that cat behaviour is heavily reliant upon the environment in which he lives and we know that the responsibility for a cat’s behaviour largely falls upon the cat’s owner because they create the environment.

Cat behavior that concerns cat owners

Cat behavior that concerns cat owners

Cat behavior that concerns cat owners

Cat behavior that concerns cat owners

Above are two screenshots of the forum on the I have highlighted two forum questions which elicited an outstanding number of answers and queries and of course further questions. The forum question with by far the greatest amount of activity concerns a cat product that you might know called the Thunder Shirt. The Thunder Shirt is a device which applies pressure to a cat which in turn calms the cat. I’m not sure how it works but the reports are quite good.

People are interested in whether this device works or not. They are therefore interested in buying one or making one which means that they think they have a problem with their cat concerning anxiety and stress, or cat behaviour which indicates that their cat is stressed. This does not mean that a person’s cat is stressed all the time. It may mean that the cat is stressed under certain situations and that the shirt may prove useful. However, there is no doubt in my mind that the large amount of activity surrounding this question indicates that one of the key concerns of cat owners is cat behaviour which indicates the cat is anxious.

The other highlighted question concerns inappropriate elimination and the inability of the cat’s owner to resolve it. She is at her wits end. There are quite a number of causes of inappropriate elimination but one, and perhaps the most common, is that the cat is unsettled, perhaps stressed and unsure. It may be due to health or it may be that the cat is bullied or dominated by another cat.

One of the questions concerned a cat jumping up on the owner’s desk. I wrote an article about it. That question also resulted in quite a bit of activity. I think these three questions provide us with a little insight into the concerns of cat owners and in each case it is probably fair to say that the problem and the answer is the cat owner’s responsibility.

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  1. I have a 4 year old female cat. I want to shift my house in other locality. Will it get adjusted to that locality ?? if not how should it be handled ?? urgent reply please

    • Hello. Thanks for asking. It is perfectly okay to move with your cat to a new locality. Both you and your cat will become adjusted to the new place but it takes time. A domestic cat in a new place should be supervised carefully and should not be let out without being supervised carefully otherwise she may disappear and try and return home (to her previous home). There are a number of stories of cats doing that then cats becoming lost. Cats do have their own territory, their own home range, even domestic cats and relocated cats does take quite a while for them to settle in. Initially also she will be anxious probably. She may well hide and it would be sensible to provide a hiding place for her inside the home as this will help to make her feel less anxious. The bottom line is that care is required with supervision and a good hiding place. Good luck.

      • M, you are too much. Really though, it is quite important to give your loved one more than a few days to adjust to her new home. IMHO, i’d give her months…depending on the treats.

  2. Interesting.

    I would add to that list: I worry when my cat drinks out of puddles 🙂 – maybe I’d get 6000 comments too 🙂

  3. This was something that I brought up months ago, when we were discussing cats wearing silly hats and attire, I think, or maybe we were discussing leashes for cats. I was sincerely wanting to know if it was a bad thing for wanting to purchase one for my kitten, so that I could soothe his anxiety, get him accustomed to being in a harness, on a leash, and accompanying me on walks, for his well-being and mine. I gave up on it eventually. It wasn’t really a good idea. But, this thundershirt for dogs, now made for cats as well, is a good topic. It is proven in many cases to work. Once again, as Michael stated, it depends on the factors involved, besides, primarily the cat’s needs. I am so glad you wrote this article, and look forward to reading the comments!

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