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Cat belonging to deployed U.S. veteran seriously injured after swallowing a fishing hook — 21 Comments

  1. Terribly sad and how strange but well done the owners for acting so positively and getting it fixed. Do we know how he swallowed something so damaging? I presumed he swallowed it or tried to. Great story Elisa but Wow that would scare me to death if my cat did it. I guess there is a moral here. There are hidden dangers in the home.

  2. he is now HOME and doing good, feeding tube still in but he is home and thats what counts, thank to those who commented caring about him, i will not tolerate any nastys

  3. this is helen, i helped sherry put together the fundraiser, and yes it is legit, iam from the mwdog world and have done enough adivising on fundraisers and yes i cked it out, and sadly vet hospitals do cost lots of monry, example, i have helped many mwd, cwd, sar and police k9s with cancer, and the treatment can be as high as 10,000. these herso have no nothing after they retire as well as our pets, on the fundraiser it shows they have care credit which also was used, any questions please pm me and i will help explain more, thank

  4. Well, I guess my next article needs to be “how much would you spend to save your cat” since people are bashing the caregiver for agreeing to these charges. How much is too much? $500? $1,000? $5,000? I know people in rescue who have spent $10,000 or more to save a cat. Or is it based on how much the family can afford? It would make an interesting article…

    And please realize you don’t have to donate unless you wish to. I did this article to show the danger and to show just how expensive a freak accident can become to save the cat.

    • I’ve seen higher charges for panleukopenia for a litter of kittens. Guess that’s how they pay off those fancy diagnostic machines. It is shameful.

  5. You are so right, Elisa. Cats and toddlers are both curious and will put nearly anything in their mouths. The best we can do is to put away potentially harmful items and be as vigilant as we can. But, sometimes, accidents happen. If there’s the smallest thread or tack wedged in a carpet, you can bet that it will be found.
    I hope that the $$ will be raised for Tamarindo and he can go back home.

    • Poor little guy looks miserable. I’m in daily contact with Helen so I’ll be able to get frequent updates. From what I understand the remainder of the bill will be put on their credit card, but we all know how high-interest rates can jack up the bill. I try to do as many freak accident articles as I come across because people tend to read them.

      • And, this is no scam. These people need genuine help. You and I know that the credit card way is a last resort and may cripple these poor people financially.
        It scares the hell out of me, ie. happy and healthy cat yesterday, critical today.

        Thank you for publishing this. I’m spreading it around.

        • Dee, what are emergency vet prices in your area? Do you have any idea? I’m wondering whether they’re this expensive across the country.

          • They are that expensive trust me my Labrador asperaTed a piece of wood and ended up with a pyotorax 4 days in icu 1000 a day surgery to open his chest 8 weeks of antibiotics grand total 21000

          • The cost is out of this world.
            We’re very vulnerable because we aren’t given a clue as to how much anything may cost like x-rays, ultrasounds, etc. much less surgeries.

            It seems that clinics just pull numbers out of the sky. There’s a real need for a “big brother” overseeing costs and preventing us from being gouged.

            I’ve paid more for labs and meds for my cats than I have for my own identical ones. Even my cats’ dental care is more than mine.

            Many caretakers neglect their own health in order to better afford pet care.

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