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The cat lady has made the news ( because she writes amusing and detailed biographies of her cats for the cat sitter who will look after them while she is away. She goes that extra mile to make sure that her cats are as well looked after as possible by their temporary surrogate mother! What do you do?

She looks after four cats. One of them, a female, she calls ‘Lucy’ and ‘Lucy-fur’ and ‘Luce’ for short. She says that she…

“loves everyone including total strangers and the USP man and that she is okay with Jack but also likes to vom quite a lot… Like I told you yesterday, she is a puker.”

And so on. It seems that the bios were published on social media prompting other cat owning mums to come out of the woodwork and show off their handiwork with respect to their own biographies. Andrea Rose’s mother creates similar biographies as we can tell from Andrea’s Twitter feed:

While another, whose username on Twitter is “MultiTaskingCat” (MTC) said:

“Been doing this fur years and recently in video form. They start with an intro of each cat and I run through [their] names (real name, middle name(s), nicknames) then a tour through their sweet spots with a demo of how they like them scratched (she wrote ‘scritched’). This stuff is so impawtent..”

I like the idea about videos. Of course you have got to know how to make a video and upload it but it is so easy today using your smart phone. All you need is a YouTube account and you can video yourself and upload it direct from your phone to your YouTube account. It couldn’t be easier. You can then leave a link to your YouTube account or the individual video in a text message or an email when writing to the cat sitter. In fact, this would be quicker than any other method in my opinion.

Without wishing to be too serious about this because it is quite an amusing and very nice way to manage your cat sitter, you might expect your cat to behave differently towards a cat sitter. Perhaps these nice cat moms use a regular cat sitter so their cats know them very well. However, if the cat sitter is new to the household I would expect the cats’ behaviour to be different to that which has been described by the owner which makes the biographies slightly redundant but perhaps I’m being pedantic.

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