Cat bored with flapping fish toy because she can’t kill it

There has been a lot of publicity about the flapping fish toy on the Internet. I’ve seen cats trying to devour it and being highly stimulated by it. All the signs are that it is a very popular cat toy. It looks like a good idea but clearly not every cat is as interested as the mainstream appear to be. Perhaps the problem is this: the cat that we see in the video has spent a long time playing with this toy and given up. By given up I mean that she has decided that she can never kill this fish. It is an indestructible prey animal which has ended up demotivating the cat to the point where it can flap around as much as it wants because it makes no difference. She’s crossed the wire, she is no longer interested. The toy will have to be consigned to the toy cupboard never to see the light of day again. This is the theory behind all cat toys. The cat has to be able to destroy them to remain motivated. So I put out a call to all commercial cat toy manufacturers; please build-in obsolescence through claw and teeth!

Cat bored with flapping fish toy
Cat bored with flapping fish toy. Image: PoC based on screenshot.
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