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Cat born unwanted, pushed off a high rise building, Theo now needs some love

We don’t know the early years of Theo. We do know that he ended up as one of NYC’s “Death Row Cats”. On Twitter he is being promoted as a shelter cat to be adopted as a matter of urgency because as the heading implies he is on death row.

Tough life for a cat without a home. Photo: NYC death row cats.

The organisers of New York City’s death row cats report that somebody horrible pushed him off a high-rise building. And of course he must have been born or became unwanted because he is a socialised cat.

He also appears to have been hurt in the fall which we don’t know much about. We know that a lot of cats, the majority, survive even high falls from tall buildings but not all of them do. And many suffer quite severe injuries. Theo looks as though he has a fairly minor injury (or injuries) otherwise it would have been reported and noted by the shelter. He’s up for adoption.

He looks bemused to me. He looks shook up and has the appearance of a cat who doesn’t quite know what happened to him in ending up in a strange place where he is loved and cared for but it is a strange place nonetheless.

He still loves humans we are told. A typical response of the domestic cat to abuse. They are by human standards very forgiving. He needs to be given a chance. He is deserving of it because he had a tough start to life combined with the maltreatment that he has suffered. He should be adopted or fostered and you can do that by clicking on this link will take you to their Twitter page.

He is also called Iced Tea as far as I can tell.


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