Cat Bowling

Cat Bowling

by Michael
(London, UK)

Hi readers and visitors wherever you are, I would like your thoughts on the subject of cat bowling. This is my comment on the subject and I am not happy about it.

There seems to be an original version and spin offs from that.

Original Cat Bowling

There is not a lot to say except I don’t like the…umm I strongly dislike the underlying idea behind this online game.

It is a very simple game. The objective is to “squash as many cats as possible”. You do this by bowling at a group of cats that have been put on top of a hill by a witch who is sits in a tree – all pretty basic and silly.

Boredom sets in after about 10 seconds. Disgust sets in soon after because aren’t these people encouraging cruelty to cats?

The games instructions go on to say, ”
for an extra laugh…” meaning after you have had a laugh squashing (killing) cats you can do something else.

I don’t want to be a killjoy, overly politically correct or a grumpy old man but I don’t see much fun and laughs in killing cats.

You decide to bowl when the arrow is lined up towards the cats. The arrow scans back and forth so it is a question of timing your bowl.

I think this online game raises the age old question as to whether violent videos encourage real violence and whether skinny models encourage anorexia. Some experts say that they do. The people making the films and games and the people in the fashion business say they don’t. They would.

My firm convictions are that young people are affected by these sorts of things. It only takes one young person who is a little unbalanced or disturbed for whatever reason to be pushed in the wrong direction by these sorts of games.

What do you think?

Cat Bowling Spin-Offs

The idea of cat bowling, horrible for me though it is, has created one or two spin-off ideas. The cat is the “bowl” and he or she runs into something.

One is to set up a pile of plastic cups on a wooden floor and to encourage your cat to run and slide into then, knocking them over.

You encourage the cat to run into the cups by using a laser pointer toy.

There is a video on YouTube of this. I won’t show the video here because sometimes they get pulled off and I don’t like dead screens. I’ll present a still photo from the video and a link:

laser cat bowling

Two useful tags. Click either to see the articles: Toxic to cats | Dangers to cats

Link to video

There are variations on this theme. You can see in the video (and the still image above) that the person has placed a towel on the floor at a point where the cat will start to slide to facilitate the sliding into the cups.

This video is extremely popular and the cat bowling theme is also popular on the internet reflecting the mentality and age of the typical web surfer. Or am I being unkind?

I am not sure about this game. The game is primarily for the amusement of the person not the cat. And if the cups were changed for something more solid the cat could be hurt.

Fortunately in this version, the cat is not harmed and the cat gets in some play. Play is good for a cat particularly indoor cats.

However, once again I see the potential for this idea encouraging something more sinister – cat cruelty. And there is enough of that in the world already.

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Cat Bowling

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Apr 25, 2011 seriously?
by: a reasonable guy

people people… its called common sense -.-

its not like you see people asking old looney toons episodes getting pulled from the air for the characters mauling eachother (most of them being animals) and yet a game where you kill pixels (they dont have feelings) get you all rialed up?

i have played violent games since age 7 and i love digital violence and yet i completely despise violence in real life so your reason for this game being bad is sucks…

you can’t make sick people not sick by not giving them simulations -.-” thats what we have imagination for people…

get smart… and if someone actually does the cat thing with anything heavier than plastic cups or a thing of equal or less weight someone needs to move out and kick their ass ASAP (no i dont like violence but it helps teach idiots who think animal cruelty is funny that it is not)

Mar 08, 2011 I agree
by: Kathy W

This certainly encourages animal cruelty in my mind. Kids are so impressionable these days and all this does is impress on them its OK to be cruel to cats. People dont encourage animal respect these days. Its sad but true. We had a kid in our neighborhood that would pull the legs off of frogs. The mother just didnt care. The kid ended up being in all kinds of trouble. I even dont like those hunting games that come with a lifelike gun to be used for shooting animals in the game. These kids should be playing Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. Forget cat bowling before they try it in real life.

Mar 08, 2011 I agree
by: Marc

I agree with you in principle. These things must affect peoples sensitivities towards what is funny or not, particularly kids from a young age. I don’t see how wouldn’t affect a kids sense of humour and relationship to cats, particularly if the kid in question has never met a cat in his or her life. And making fun of cats, albeit perhaps in the context of ‘play’ doesn’t go un-noticed by the cats. My cat knows when i am laughing at her but she knows I respect her and no doubt it reflects in the way I am laughing at her. But there is another kind of ‘laughing at’ which is far more derogatory and she would know such laughter right off the bat and I honestly think it makes her feel stupid and comes off as rudeness. I feel sorry for cat’s who’s owners are rude to them. I think they don’t like to be made fun of just as we humans don’t. So to get back to cat bowling, …if it doesn’t encourage cruelty, it certainly encourages a disrespectful attitude towards cats as sensitive beings. I know I am being picky and idealistic, when so many worse things happen out there, but particularly with indoor cats, I feel sorry for them if they are locked up with an owner who doesn’t give them proper respect and attention. If they are the only cat in the house, they must feel so lonely. Empathy on both sides (and i say this pointing my finger at alot of humans) is needed for interconnectedness, and an ideal relationship between animal and human. Thanks for your article. It may be a bit nit picky for some people, but it actually brings across an important underlying issue which ultimately needs, or will need addressing as our understanding of animals progresses towards something more synchronised and aligned.

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