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Cat breed black copper penny eyes — 10 Comments

  1. Beautiful cat but wouldn’t want one myself. The more I look at the face the more it reminds me of a Chihuahua. I know that sounds odd because its a cat but its just the big round eyes small muzzle and big ears!!

  2. Over here, they look more like the European Burmese. They are also known as the Black Self Asian (Asian being any European Burmese cat without Burmese colour restriction).

    • Thanks Sarah. The names of the breeds are confusing. What I mean is the GCCF have a different way to the American associations and it would be nice if they entered into an international agreement to unify the names and classification.

      • The World Cat Federation has harmonised names (and the spread of TICA has done likewise). Black Self Asian is simply an alternative term, in the same way that Himalayan and Colourpoint Persian Longhair are alternative names.

        European Bombay and American Bombay tend to be used to distinguish between the 2 different conformations where required. Alternative names are useful when cats are imported/exported as outcrosses for breeding programmes as the knowledgable breeder can see where a cat originates from.

  3. Thanks Michael
    I have a similar cat in my Feral Colony and she is very shy, She only knows me and visits me often on the terrace.
    Her kittens were killed last year by any maniac B_st_rd.

    She visited me today and I pet her and she gave me a meow and ran away with her tail high up a little bent.

    She has a shiny coat and well groomed herself, long hair.
    I will share her photo here some day but she does not stay in front of camera, as I have tried a lot to photograph her but she gets afraid, I don’t know why?

    <3 <3 <3 I love my free roamers this is just I know, thanks again Oh yes! The Black cat is consider a BAD LUCK in INDIA's mostly believes, just remember this point.

    Thanks 🙂

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