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Cat Breeder Scams — 15 Comments

  1. I wish I had done a thorough research before trying to buy a kitten online sight-unseen. Apparently I fell prey to the same breeder mentioned above in a post by Britt. The https://playfulragdollshome.com website with Brent Pellow.

    I inquired about one of the kittens and he was very responsive through email. I offered to pick up the kitten in person but he refused saying the coronavirus is a concern which doesn’t make that much sense to me because he would still have to meet with the carrier’s agent if he is shipping the kitten. But I suppose everyone was scared about their health right now so I didn’t question him that much. I sent him the money for the kitten and an additional shipping charge through Zelle as he instructed. Then came the email from his carrier/shipping company. It was full of broken English and asked for additional shipping charges citing Animal Welfare Act requirements. He wanted an extra $2,000 to $3,000. And promised that all but $60 would be refunded once the delivery is complete. That was when the alarm bell went off in my head and I found this website. I tried calling the carrier asking for an explanation and they hung up on me.

  2. Thank you for the excellent article! You helped me avoid what seemed to be a scam. I was taken in by adorable Persian kitty photos and also a photo of a lovely older couple, standing at the threshold of a beautiful house, holding a sweet Persian. A few phone calls and rebuked requests for references, I felt quite certain is was a scam. But I wanted to be sure. I took your advice and used the plagiarism tool and it turns out they pulled the photo of the couple from a legitimate breeder in OH (just off the phone with her) and the adorable kitty photos from another site.

  3. New scam out of NJ – website is http://www.gracelandsavannahcats.com/
    Name is Daniel instead of George, he was super pushy and tried to get me to go to Walmart to send a money order. I asked if he would meet us half way since we are only 5 hours from him, he told me no but I could come pick up the kittens. I then asked for a picture of the two kittens we were interested in together and he told me to find another breeder, this wont work.

  4. How can a breeder sell f1 savannahs for 950$ including shipping the breeder has a page but wants the money via western union and then they ship the next day to your door , I almost went with it , but I decided it. Was a gamble I didn’t want to take , they keep after me almost everyday , i hope that no one falls for this and sends there money to this site I can give their number , they have a 602name called blue moon and their number 202601is202-601-5258

  5. Welcome To CFA Cattery Reviews

    If you have purchased an expensive pedigree cat or kitten from a *CFA/TICA registered pedigreed cat breeder & you are not satisfied with your purchase & the registered cat breeder refuses to want to deal with you. You have emailed them, called them, the breeder will not answer you whatsoever. But they were quick to take your money that is for sure. You have come to the right site.

    If you’ve been defrauded by *registered pedigree cat breeders, please know that you are not alone. You can reach out to others who’ve been taken advantage of, just like you have. Together we are no longer victims, but we certainly are VICTORS, we can heal one another through this experience.

    • Hi there, BEWARE of https://playfulragdollshome.com !!!! I have been investigating BRENT PELLOW . He is a fake scam artist who states on his webpage under each kitten, that they are TICA certified.That they are all 10 weeks old, has no parents on site, has TWELVE kittens from same litter !!! There were many red flags and so I began snooping. You cant find him anywhere. CHECK OUT HIS WEBSITE. I then found out he started this DOMAIN name on FEB 9,2020 yet he has ten week old kittens!! HE HAS NO KITTENS AT ALL. IT IS ALL FAKE!! Spread the word!!
      I have been setting him up and he is not that smart. I said I was interested in a kitten named VICTOR. He emailed me 4 diff pics of this kitten and they were two different ones. He does the whole shipping scam and half price specials etc.. I put these pics into an app I have and these same pics come up under several other scam artist websites. It is the exact room, house, hands holding them and so on. I found out that his phone number is a burner phone.

      • Hi Britt, I was not as smart as were you, and unfortunately fell prey to Brent Pellow. My grown up daughter just started today an ICU job as a new RN. What s time to start! So, trying to distract her and help her to deal with anxiety due to the situation with Covid-19, I searched for a kitten for her. I came across Playful Ragdolls Home website and everything after that played by the same scenario as for everybody else on this page: I paid money and Brent Pellow disappeared for 3 days. Just few minutes ago I suddenly received reply to my last email about whereabouts of the kitten I purchased, and was told that Brent will get in touch with me tomorrow to provide the shipping information. Since I already know, thank to this page, what to expect next, it will be easier for me to deal with the situation. I also wanted people to know that scammers respond through playkgef@server251.web-hosting.com with information and videos, ask to pay through Zelle App, and the emails they use are: prettysoniareed@gmail.com, brentragdolls@gmail.com. Two names appeared on emails: Brent Pellow and Lesonia (Sonia) Reed. The website is still running!!!

  6. Someone I know adopted a child several years ago. This child was taking from the birth parents because they were deemed unfit parents. We wondered what happened, fearing the worse. We were sad to find out that both birth parents have IQ of around 65. They just weren’t capable of parenthood. Sad… but there is more…

    We keep an eye on them via the internet and mostly court records. Turns out the birth parents breed dogs of some kind and than sell them as purebreds. They don’t understand that their dogs are not purebred or why they are not purebred… They have been charged numerous times over the sells of fake purebreds, but they just go back and do it again. They may actually get jail-time on top of the heavy fines. Just sad. My brother has an IQ of about 45. We have always taken care of him and always will. It’s just the way the cards were dealt.

    With all that said, I was recently looking over some very large Scottish Fold cat pix from a Russian breeder. I wondered how these kittens could be so big for the breed. Than I saw daddy. They called him a Scottish Fold – Straight, but the face and head shape were all wrong. He was a very handsome cat. He may even have some Scottish Fold in him, but he surely has some else in the mix. Sad, they obviously don’t understand he is not a purebred cat.

    So add stupidity and misinformed to the list.

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