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This is a video showing all the cat breeds from A-Z. There are over 100 cat breeds and I have a video showing 104 of them. I wanted to put together a video which showed pictures of all the cat breeds in a sequence alphabetically. It is deliberately very quick in order to keep the length of the video to a minimum. On this website there are detailed descriptions of all the cat breeds together with great photographs mainly by Helmi Flick the world-renowned cat photographer.

The following pages show pictures of these breeds together tons of accurate information both in long form and shortened versions:

  1. Breeds A-H
  2. Breeds J-P
  3. Breeds R-Y
  4. Unusual Cat Breeds A-E
  5. Unusual Cat Breeds F-U

On these posts, for each breed you will see

  1. A high quality picture of the cat breed with summarized details
  2. Links to (a) a page describing the breed in detail with a number of top quality images (‘More’) and (b) a page with a high quality image plus outline salient facts (‘Photo+’).

The video:

Some of these breeds are rare. Discover the ones that I say are rare.

Considerations when buying a pedigree, purebred cat.

Top cat breeds:

Maine Coon and a mini-website on this breed.
Siamese (site) & discussion on Siamese cat breeding (huge page!) + Modern Siamese.

13 thoughts on “Cat Breeds A-Z”

    1. Ragdoll, American Shorthair perhaps. But there are some great laid back random bred rescue cats. Why not ring up a rescue center and ask if they have some chilled out cats at the moment needing adoption? You might save a life and acquire a laid back companion. Thanks for commenting.

  1. How absolutely absurd to be breeding new cats who will end up with special health issues and as objects of entertainment. This is heinous! Messing with mother nature usually will result in a dirty trick on you. Leave well enough alone.

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