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Cat Breeds Linked To The Siamese — 12 Comments

  1. The American and British Havanas are different in form, although they originate from the same roots.

    You could add to your list the Colourpoint Persian/Himalayan (from Persian/Siamese crossess) and any cat with the colourpoint pattern will be somehow linked to the Siamese (either the naturally occurring cats from which the Siamese was developed, or to the modern Siamese breed). The Russian Blue was bred with the Blue-Point Siamese during WWII. The Korat was first known as the Blue Siamese and retains the older body style. Orientals were used in developing the American Cornish Rex hence it is very different in conformation compared to the British Cornish Rex.

    Siamese blood is so pervasive in other domestic breeds that some breeds do not accept certain colours which are indicative of Siamese/Oriental genes.

    • Fantastic comment Sarah. Love it.

      Siamese blood is so pervasive

      This extract is significant. It is hard to know where to stop.

  2. Colour-point kittens keep turning up in American Angora litters too. They used the contemporary Siamese to slim down the American Angoras which being derived from British and American breeds was too robust for their liking. In haven’t the foggiest idea why they should consider it too robust when the genuine Angora in Turkey is robust. So they ended up with a fake that is not even a lookalike.

  3. Got my little Daria from the shelter a couple of years ago. She is a cross between a tuxedo cat & Havana brown. Her color has deepened to a nice chocolate brown from this pic on her first day here. She is quite a character. She “talks” and points when she wants something. She greets people rather than hiding like the other cats. She’s bossy with the other cats, but has taken a shine to Hugo, my newest cat, and grooms him often. She is not cuddly, but does like petting and playing. Oh, and she is mischievous–she likes to knock things over and loves to climb.

    • Such a beauty, RR.
      I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat that color.
      Such beautiful eyes and ears.
      Thanks for posting.
      Do you have a picture of Hugo?

  4. Don’t forget that the American Angora also has some Siamese although breeders won’t admit it because their Angora is supposed to be be pure Turkish.

  5. I can see a good bit of siamese in most. But, the ocicat has me baffled.
    Do Himalayans have any connection with siamese?

  6. I’ve always been curious about the Havana Brown – it looks like a Bombay in terms of its facial structure and physical appearance.

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