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Cat breeds places of origin mapped — 2 Comments

  1. Absolutely perplexed regarding the origins of the “ABYSSINIAN CAT” listed on the map as the West coast of India pinpointing to the city of Mumbai(Bombay). Abyssinian refers to Ethiopia and i always presumed this breed had its origins in present day Ethiopia.I did some research of my own, consulting the book “CATS” by David.Alderton published in 1992 ,costing me a fortune which i had purchased during my ship’s stay in Madras Port during the 1990’s. The author states that The wild Abyssinian was a free living street cat in Singapore that was taken to United States where a certain Mr Tod.Stevenson and other breeders developed the breed.So seems the Abyssinian has no related connection to either Ethiopia or India and real confusing. This book “CATS” in 1992 was the latest in Cat identification and history of different cat breeds upto the time of publishing in 1992.I have posted a photo of the descriptive page on the Abyssinian cat .

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