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Cat Breeds That Get Along Well with Dogs — 2 Comments

  1. I am thinking of getting a dog and am wondering how to introduce her to my two year old cat. I would never get rid of the cat for the dog but also want the dog is there any good way to introduce them to each other?

    • Two or three things come to mind. Breeders should make sure their dogs and cats get on fine with cats and dogs. Secondly, cats do like to choose their own friends. So, although it might be impractical, I think a new dog should be introduced to the existing cat to see if they get along before adoption.

      We can’t assume that the companion animal that we pick for ourselves will be the one that our cat would pick for herself.

      There are many multi-cat households where the cats are somewhat stressed because the owner has simply introduced new cats on the assumption that they will all get along. They do sometimes and they don’t sometimes. In feral cat colonies the cats choose their associates and companions. We should respect this. But I don’t of anyone who checks out compatibility of companion animals before adoption.

      In addition, a slowish introduction probably helps (different rooms etc.). But if they do hit it off early or are known to get along that solves the problem anyway. Hope this helps.

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