Cat Bullying — 2 Comments

  1. Yes there is cat bullying. I have 2 cats with claws who are brother and sister from the same litter and neutered.The male is larger. She is sound asleep and he is restless so he jumps on her, wakes her up, and she growls and runs away. Or she is sitting minding her own business, and he jumps her, grabs her fur and mounts her, she breaks loose and runs away. Or he is eating, leaves his bowl, chases her from hers, eats her food, then goes back to finish his bowl or not even finish it because he is so full. Or she is sitting on my lap, he jumps on my lap, she leaves, after 2 minutes he leaves too because he didn’t really want my lap, he wanted it away from her. Bullying is a dominance issue. It is still bullying.

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