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Cat Burger Bed — 19 Comments

  1. I had a look on the net as well, Michael and it seems its only available on Amazon in Japan and even there its out of stock.

    I really like it but like most others I just don’t think MC Ozzie would fit into it!

  2. I haven’t seen one like that before.
    I love this cat seat/scratcher but £25 is a lot to pay out if our cats didn’t like it, or yes if Walter tiddled on it lol

    • I love this scratcher.
      I think the price would convert to $34 for me.
      That’s very, very cheap here for that. They really soak us on these items. That’s why my son-in-law makes some of mine from discarded materials.

      • We’ve bought our boyz lovely things like that before and ended up giving them to cats in care as ours like their tried and trusted familiar stuff lol

          • I’m curious. How much cat food can 25 euros (I don’t have that symbol) buy?
            Our cat food comes mostly in 5.5 ounce cans or 13.3 ounce cans ( I’m not sure how to convert). The 5.5 sells for around $0.60 and the large for around $1.10.
            So, for my $34 (25 of your euros), I can buy 51 small cans or 31 large ones.
            For dry kibble, I can buy 2 large bags (around 15 pounds).

            • I will have to work it out. What you want to know is the cost of cat food per gram in Europe and compare that to America. Without working it out, I can say with some certainty that pet food in America will cost anywhere between 1/2 to 3/4 of the price in Europe. I am referring mainly to northern European countries including the UK. Everything almost is cheaper in the USA.

              • Wow!
                If that is the case, it would be a huge difference for me.
                My $34 dollars worth of canned food will last about 6 days here.
                If that were doubled, I would be in deep sh*t!

            • For £25 if we shop on double discount day Babz gets once a month at the store which belongs to the same firm as she works for, we can usually get 72 big tins of cat food, for our local Cat Rescues, if we have the money to spare.
              Big tins get wasted for our own boyz as they won’t eat the same thing twice, so sachets and trays work out cheaper.

        • We have to respect our cat’s preferences and choices. It is hard to know, though. I think (and hope) I know Charlie well having him attached to my hip for years. We are the classic odd couple.

  3. Yes I think it’s a bit small, I think it would be a confidant cat that wriggled into it and stayed there definitely not one who felt intimidated by his brother, but some cats do get in tiny places don’t they. It’s a funny one though, I suppose it’s poking fun at the cat a bit implying it’s a cat burger but it’s harmless fun.

  4. That is an unusual one, I bet it’s warm and comfy and ideal for a smaller cat or kitten especially a shy one, I don’t think the boys would go in it I think it would be too enclosed, I have a feeling that Walter would pee on it LOL.

    • LOL. I think it looks better than it is. It looks a bit small. Charlie couldn’t get in it. Some cats probably don’t like enclosed spaces unless they are hiding. Perhaps it is a good hiding place and all cats need a retreat like that just in case.

  5. Monty would never go in it. I don’t think he would anyway. He does use the aerial walkways we built him, so maybe. But I think the burger bed might be too enclosed for him. He likes to be covered, but with a large and easy exit, I think.

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