Cat Café Adopts Out 150 Cats in Three Months

This is a great success story for cat cafés and cat rescue. I must say that I am surprised to read that the Pounce Cat Café in Charleston has adopted out 150 rescue cats and kittens in three months; a fantastic rate.

Successful cat cafe for cat adoptions

Successful cat cafe for cat adoptions

I’ll speculate and suggest that this cat café is the most successful in the world for adoptions.

All the cats and kittens come from the Charleston Animal Society. They are adopted on site at the café.

Pounce Cat Cafe

Their success suggests that the cat café can be a major partner to cat rescue organisations in ensuring that they are no-kill centers with a rapid rate of adoptions.

This is another example of how animal rescue organisations can form successful partnerships to reduce the numbers of cats who don’t make it out of shelters because they remain unwanted.

Pounce Cat Cafe

Pounce Cat Cafe. He pounced!

It is likely that a cat café is a better place than a rescue center where a person can interact with cats, get to know them and vice versa and then adopt.

The café is located in Charleston’s historic district at 283 Meeting Street.

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