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Cat Cafés are Growing in Popularity: A Purrfect way to Make New Friends — 18 Comments

  1. I love this concept. Now we need them all over the USA. Although I am well cared for by my cats I do know other people that would benefit from one of these cafes. Thanks for a great article.

  2. Its SO hard to believe that new zealand is about the size of just one city or one state. lol Just so hard to believe that one city can be so huge. As im in a town its so hard to understand.

  3. Mixed feelings about free mingling.
    I would have some concerns about the safety of the cats, not so much for the patrons.
    I can only guess that the insurance costs are out of this world for free mingling.
    I better like a “banquet room” in the cafe where patrons can choose to enter, have food/beverages, interact with cats, and a small area for potential adoptee screenings.

  4. How about…tables in nicely “caged” areas each with 2 or 3 adoptable kitties that get along. People can get their kitty fixes; the kitties are in “doable” groups and people can choose which environment they enter and enjoy the kits. And heck yeah, it might even double as a dating environment as well as an adoption agency!

  5. If I were adrift and kittiless in a strange city, having a place to go have a hot drink and pet a kitty would be terribly important. There is an added benefit to cat lovers in visiting these places that also serve food and drinks. Nothing really seems refreshing or nourishing unless it has at least one cat hair in it…

    • Nice point Elisabeth. If I was living for a time in strange city I’d get a place near a cat cafe if it existed. My stress would be managed nicely and I’d have a decent chance of meeting someone who I could get on with. I wonder how good the cat cafe is as a dating agency? 😉

  6. Hmmmm….I’m a little split on this idea.

    Some cats love all people, some cats seem to have something against certain people or what about people that own cats… (i.e. what if you’re from out of town and come in for a kitty ‘fix’ and their kitties don’t like your kitties smell?) Are you going to leave with a nice bite on your leg? I guess a disclaimer of sorts would work, but I think an even BETTER idea would be kitties AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION in open play areas where people could go in and visit and possibly arrange to adopt and take them home at the end of their trip. 🙂

    • I have a feeling the cats are very carefully selected and they have a timeout area out the back where they can be themselves. I agree there are complications. You need someone on site who is a knowledgeable cat caretaker and what happens at night? Who changes the cat litter? And where is it? Etc.. I am not sure how many cats there are but if there are 6 or more that may pose “husbandry” problems in a commercial food outlet. I am sure it has all been carefully thought through combined with a decent insurance policy!

      • From some of the research I have been doing about Cat Cafes, I found that these cats are carefully chosen. I do hope that the folks who may be potential adopters are checked out as well. It could be dangerous for cats with folks who “pretend” to love kitties but have other ideas. So I am hopeful that all of this has been worked out.

        What I loved about all the Cat Cafes that I visited on line, and in the vast number of cat cafe photos uploaded to Flickr, were the shelves and “get away” resources throughout the establishments. They were wonderfully “catified”, and they should always be so designed.

    • I totally agree.In the near future I would love to have a Kitty Cafe to help with adopting out so many homeless cats.I think I would have a separate enclosed but visible area for people to venture in and an outside cafe area also. I have been thinking about this for years Jo. I will let you know when it happens 🙂

      • Carrie, I wish we lived much closer. It would be an honor to open one with you.

        Please do keep us posted with any plans you may have in the future. You would make an excellent “cafe” keeper.

  7. There is no reason why I can’t visit the London one and I will soon I hope. It is in Bethnal Green which is across London for me. It might as well be on the moon! Just joking, but it will take me probably about 90 mins at least to get there by public transport. I would say 2 hours in fact or more. That is a four hour round trip and I live in London 😉

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