Cat Cages of Unspeakable Horror

Think of a horror movie. One of the most gruesome. This is the cat world equivalent.

Warning: Graphic Content (I have limited the number of photos)…Thousands of cats and dogs – many still wearing their collars having been snatched from loving homes – are being slaughtered in the city of Yulin, central China

cat meat festival China

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Yes, we know about it: the Chinese cat and dog meat markets where unspeakable horrors await domestic cats snatched from the street and from their owners.  Most of the cats and dogs have collars and therefore they’re not feral, even if that made any difference. They are stolen from their owners.  How people can do this is totally beyond my comprehension.

This, in fact, is the so-called annual Meat Festival (“festival”!) in China, which we were told was going to be shut down by the authorities but it has not (surprised?).  It was investigated by animal rights groups ahead of the beginning of the festival on June 22 and they found 4,000 cats in tiny cages where they were killed.  Most of the cats and dogs were still wearing collars and they were beaten to death or their throats were slit while other traumatised cats and dogs looked on.  As many as 10,000 cats and dogs are brought to the festival which indicates that very many die on the way.

cat meat festival China

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cat meat festival China

Sarah Hartwell said that this sort of human behaviour would drive her to kill and I am in complete sympathy with that sentiment. The deeply traumatised cats and dogs who survive the journey to this place of horror are brutally slaughtered in a barbaric manner.

Humane Society International discovered that local slaughterhouses were instructed to kill animals at night to avoid detection because they appear to be illegal (if that makes any difference).  In addition restaurants were told to not use the words “dog meat” on their menus.  Who instructed them to do this?  I’ll have a guess: the local authorities whose job it is to enforce the law and carry out their promises. I allege that the local authorities are playing the usual games. Corrupt to the core.

Cat horrors. Chinese meat festival

Cat horrors. Chinese meat festival. Something out of a horror movie

The slaughterhouses are full of blood, internal organs and carcasses that had been burnt with a blowtorch.  Freshly slaughtered animals hang from books.

In the area where this festival takes place, Yulin in the south-west, there is the highest incidence of rabies in the country recorded at 338 deaths between 2002 and 2006.  This is according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare.  It is highly likely that the mass transport of cats and dogs over long distances increases the risk of rabies and therefore the people attending this festival and the cat and dog meat eating public of south-west China are bringing this fatal disease upon themselves.  In fact, I can recall one case of rabies in Vietnam being caused because of the habit of eating the cooked brains of cats (meal called: “rua man”).

Mr Li of Humane Society International said:

“Another small dog who was always close by this first dog was so quiet as if he was broken spirited, knowing what fate could afford him… Their faces were just so unforgettable.  Their eyes… I knew I couldn’t help all these poor animals, but I had to try to change the life of these 2 fellows.”

Mr Li saved the lives of two cats and two dogs.

How can this horror go on?  The Chinese are completely immune to criticism about this and when criticised they simply say that it is no different to killing livestock.  They insist that the West keep their noses out of their business.  Should we keep our noses out of their business?  Or should we criticise them and put pressure upon them to change their ways?  Do we have the right to criticise them bearing in mind that, at a guess, over 2,000,000 cats are euthanised in the USA annually because they are unwanted? The world is mixed up.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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19 Responses

  1. I might ruffle a few pet lovers but personally feel that a “NON-VEGETARIAN” can’t comment about pets being eaten as food in other communities or cultures besides their own.Aren’t pigs more intelligent then dogs or cats and yet a favorite human food.In Mumbai the slaughter of cows and bulls is banned and only buffaloes allowed for slaughter as food consumption.Hindu’s worship the cow while in most countries “BEEF” is a delicacy and the most expensive non-vegetarian dish.Just because most of the human population consider cats and dogs as personal pets so also do a minority of the human population consider cattle, chickens, pigs etc as non-human food.Most important is the humane slaughter of cats or dogs meant for the food markets of China, Vietnam and Korea .These horrible photo’s describe a ruthless slaughter in progress akin to chickens or cattle in India.I once owned a chicken as a pet for almost a year and found it intelligent in recognizing family members of the house. Aren’t these same chickens transported to markets in packed cages and normally live a life of less than a year ?

    • Sarah Hartwell says:

      I have written a long article pointing out that eating certain animals is not, in itself, wrong, but that the treatment of those animals is wrong. The big issue (for me) is the inhumane methods involved, regardless of location or species being raised for food. Theft of non-human family members is another big issue. That shows an utter disrespect for property in addition to the disrespect for life.

      (I eat free range meats and even fresh roadkill, but I respect the animal that died)

      • Michael Broad says:

        that the treatment of those animals is wrong. The big issue (for me) is the inhumane methods involved,

        That is exactly my viewpoint too. All the people who defend eating cat because it is no different to eating rabbit overlook the methods of killing and the fact that these are often someone’s cat. It is theft and the tort of conversion.

  2. Leslie McIntyre says:

    I would be murderous and would try to kill as many people as I could. Pretty sure I would loose my marbles if I witnessed such a gruesome, cruel act. I can’t believe the barbarism in the world. It’s heartbreaking and soul crushing.

    • Michael Broad says:

      I am currently watching the American TV series The Walking Dead. The people who do this to cats are the walking dead and they should be killed as in the TV series.

    • Gabby Hayes says:

      The word “murder” is reserved for the case of human death ONLY. A cat or dog or any other animal can never be “murdered”. It can only be killed or destroyed……

      (remainder deleted as it contained insults – Admin)

      • Michael Broad says:

        Woody you are in a frock again. Careful you don’t became a cross-dresser. Don’t insult people. Anyway you are wrong because a lot of animal lovers use the word “murder” to refer to unlawful killing of animals and why not? It is not anthropomorphising. It is just an expression of caring.

  3. Gabby Hayes says:

    Only in civilizations who have so isolated themselves from nature and reality, will they psychopathically loft one species of animal over another and remove it from the butcher-aisle of your favorite grocery store or fast-food chain.

    That’s how.

  4. Dee (Florida) says:

    Too much for me to even look beyond the first pic.
    How can any country call themselves civilized when they steal and slaughter beloved cats and dogs? They’re barbarians – take your shirt off smelly sweat hogs that think slaughtering sweet animals is festive.
    We, the people here, detest China. But, because we owe them billions of dollars, our leaders kiss their asses.
    As pretty much a whole, government wise, they are sick and sadistic. They have killed countless numbers of our babies and pets as a result of their tainted products.
    Have no clue as to why we just don’t start blowing them up. We enjoy doing it elsewhere.

  5. J. Martin says:

    Anybody that would grab my cat….and tried this and were caught by me. They would be DEAD!!!! It’s bad enough when they do this to stray animals…but these barbaric pricks are going after people’s pets as well!!!!

  6. Eva D.R.Force says:

    Very true Michele, and the saddest story of wasted lives.Their so called holistic medicines are nothing more than witch doctor remedies.
    Examples are the Rhino horn, birds nest soup, Bear gall extractions; which are extremely painful for as long as the caged animal survives it’s ordeal.One mother bear killed her own cub as soon as she saw the pain inflictors coming in with their tools to do the same thing to her Baby Bear !

  7. Eva D.R.Force says:

    Cat-I will never understand nor comprehend the mindset of the chinese. It would be fine with me if they all disappeared.

    • Michele S. says:

      I don’t understand their mind-set either.

      The Chinese spend a small fortune saving the Giant Panda. A species which would probably have died out naturally without human intervention. Yet their lust for ivory and exotic animal parts for the Chinese medicine trade are the main reason that numerous species worldwide are on the brink of extinction.

      • Michael Broad says:

        I guess it is all about £$. From the Panda they can make money by showing it off and by doing deals with zoos. From the domestic cat they can make money by harvesting ‘it’ for free and selling it as a meal at a profit.

        • Michele S. says:

          I remember seeing a TV programme when Edinburgh zoo was ‘gifted’ two Giant Pandas. I seem to recall it was costing the zoo GBP 1,000,000 (USD 1,520,384.70) per animal, per annum!

          I wish zoos worldwide would boycott the Giant Panda rental scheme.

    • Michael Broad says:

      I have a similar mind-set. I can’t help it. It is too objectionable for me not to change my opinion on their culture and therefore the Chinese as a whole.

  8. Cat says:

    This is so horrific and sad. There are even many videos online showing the brutality of LIVE cats and dogs being cooked to death, some without their skins. I have seen both methods: Some being boiled alive, some being skinned alive and then cooked with a blow torch. Those that resist are beaten horrifically. It would give some comfort to know that all those participating in this horrendous act contract incurable rabies. I doubt there would be much mourning for their passing.

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