Cat catches bat mid air – video

Proof if it were needed that cats are amazingly athletic and natural acrobats (get the pun!). One little danger here is that bats are the main source of rabies in the USA so was it wise to expect or hope that his cat would catch this bat? Whatever, the cat took very little time to get it.

It also reminds us that vets say you should get your cat vaccinated against rabies even when the cat is full-time indoors. Not everyone agrees with the rabies vaccination because of the risks.

The cat’s owner admits when trying to catch the bat:

‘I primarily cowered in fear.’

He also admits that his cat did most of the work (all of it more like 😉 ).

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2 thoughts on “Cat catches bat mid air – video”

  1. Diane Ricciardi Stewart

    Michael, nice pun!! MOL!!! Good on the kitty as bats are probably harder to catch than birds. . . And I do get rabies shots for my “kids” every 3 years as this is required by law even though mine are all indoor only babies. .. I have one who gets a little bit of a fever afterward, but I just give him half an aspirin and he is fine. . . yes, I do give my cats Bayer aspirin — I have NEVER had problems with this. . . I do not use Tylenol>>don’t even keep it as it has never worked for me personally — only Bayer aspirin has worked for me.I have never had ANY problems with Bayer if I needed to give my cats aspirin. . .

    1. You are nicely organised. Thanks for the tip on half a Bayer aspirin being okay. It is one of my fears giving aspirin to cats and you have found a method which works.

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