Cat caught with head in jar, can, container etc.

This is an amusing video and it’s very short! But the back story is actually quite serious. I’ve seen lots of stray and feral cats with their heads jammed into cans or jars trying to survive under impossible circumstances. Sometimes, rarely, a kind person takes it off. But how many feral cats die because of this? Somebody throws away an empty can but at the bottom there is a bit of food. A feral cat comes along and tries to get at it. The can is just the exact size of their head which becomes stuck. This renders the cat blind if it’s a can or if the jar is opaque. A blind cat will have great difficulty in surviving firstly and secondly, they can’t eat anything else because their head is stuck inside the bloody thing. That’ll kill them by starvation eventually

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The concerning point is that we can’t do anything about it because there will always be rubbish lying around on this planet. And there will always be feral cats rummaging around the rubbish on this planet. The only thing we can do is to release the cat from the can or jar if we see it.

Cat gets his head stuck in a cookie jar
Cat gets his head stuck in a cookie jar. Screenshot from video.
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I can remember, and this vision always comes back to me, of a young cat in Africa suffering like this with his head stuck in a can and people standing around looking at the poor creature believing that this was the devil’s work. They wouldn’t touch the cat for fear of being infected by the devil. Superstition regarding cats is still very big in Africa. It’s a mentality which reflects other mentalities which is probably why Africa is still a developing country with a long way to go.


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